Our Love of The Cliffs

As I watched our baby squirrel, Fred (my name for him) this morning persistently try to climb the pole leading to one of our bird feeders; not satisfied with his helpings on the ground, it reminded me of that amazing characteristic called perseverance and how strongly it has affected my life and my family’s life.

Many, many years ago, I sat on the cliffs for hours and watched the sun set over the ocean. It was an amazing adventure. One that I was to repeat with my best friend many times over the years. Our best idea came to us while sitting on these cliffs and it was perseverance that has been the foundation of our lives since. I am thinking that is why I was reminded of it this morning as I watched Fred. He tried at least eight times to reach the actual feeder; each time without success. First by trying to climb the pole and then to the oak tree that hangs over the feeder but there were no branches close enough. He then attempted to jump from the trunk of the tree to the actual feeder only to fall flat on his belly. Poor Fred…I sure felt for him on this attempt.

Back to the cliffs, it was here, over 30 years ago on this very day, that I sat for the first time with a young navy officer and ate pizza and talked for hours until the sun set in the sky. It was here that while he sat there and talked about his mom and all her trials and triumphs that I thought to myself that this man was the man I was going to marry if I was to get married. It was here that mine and his love of adventure grew even stronger, and, it was here that he had the same thought…a life together.

It would take perseverance to begin our lives together as it took him asking many times to receive the ‘yes’ answer. Yet, once I gave that answer, I discovered my best friend, my biggest supporter, my confidante, my personal comedian, ‘my Rock’, my adventure buddy, my karaoke partner as we both love to sing and listen to music, and, my soul mate. I remember so many hiking adventures in the early years where we would break out in songs like “Follow Me” by John Denver and so many road trips driving with the windows down and the wind in our hair, and singing John’s songs or Loggins and Messina’s…”Let the River Run” and many others. Since that fateful day on the cliffs, we have traveled many places, raised two wonderful children who also rely on perseverance to reach their goals and live their lives, and who also have a strong love for outdoor adventures. And, so it was only fitting that our best idea…spending life together…come to us as we were enjoying the beautiful cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean as the outdoors is where we do our best living and thinking.

Fred has been my gentle reminder today of a beautiful moment in my life and has given me a “‘lessons learned”. A reminder to continue to move forward to more adventures and more great ideas all the while remembering and celebrating all the wonderful ones of the past and to cherish each and every day of my life with my best friend and soulmate.

This video was done by a talented individual and placed on YouTube where I found it 🙂 (Video Credit…YouTube)

21 Comments on “Our Love of The Cliffs

  1. HaHa. Your story sounds a lot like my own. We used to sit for hours on the river bank discussing life and making decisions. Like your Fred, I must have asked my Patty to marry me at least 6 times, before she said yes. She insists she was not playing hard to get. We have been married for 41 1/2 years, so far and we still sit on cliffs and river banks. Only now, it is harder to get back up. But with a bit of perseverance……..Allan


  2. What a lovely story of finding your soul mate. Sitting on the cliffs watching the ocean sounds wonderful. I have not been able to visit the ocean for years and I love it. Ah, John Denver – gone way too soon. I listen to his music quite often. He had a wonderful voice and sang some beautiful songs. I enjoyed your post very much.

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    • Thank you😊, I’m so glad you liked it! I hope you get to visit the ocean again soon. And, if you have a chance, go the cliffs. It’s an amazing experience. You are right, we lost John Denver way too soon. I am thankful he lives on in his music. He has some wonderful things to say in his songs. Have a wonderful day today☀️💚☀️

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