Sunset On The Water Tonight

A beautiful and colorful night on the water

While talking with a neighbor at the lake tonight he said they are getting ready to open the dam between the two lakes with Memorial Day weekend approaching. That means we get more water and those little stumps you see in the water is our little town’s pier with the boat ramp next to it.

The amazing part about it all is that our boaters are still launching from this ramp and we are all still out enjoying and loving time on and at the lake.

35 Comments on “Sunset On The Water Tonight

  1. Absolutely beautiful photos. Sun and water go so well together – the colorful reflections on the water are so pretty.

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      • I love water! I’d love to be in a canoe out there floating around!

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      • Yes ma’am. There’s a state park pretty close and I have rented canoes and just paddled around! Do a little fishing and take pictures of birds!

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      • Nice! We love taking the boat out and also love all the nature here. We have many state parks here too within an hour of us so it’s really nice. My all time fav though is taking a row boat out and rowing around. ☀️💚☀️


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