‘Color Me Blue’


This morning as I was having my coffee and looking around at the things in my home, I realized I had entered a ‘blue period’. Picasso had a ‘Blue Period’ where he used many different shades of blue in his paintings. I likely did the same thing with my life without truly realizing it.

My ‘blue period’ has slowly crept up on me…so much so that I hadn’t taken notice at all until today. It was actually bittersweet when I finally noticed it. Until now, I hadn’t realized just how much my life has changed in a very short time. Looking around, there were few things left from my red stage of my life. A token here or there like a butter dish in the kitchen, a few touches of red in pictures hanging on the walls, and a candle sitting all by itself on the bar…all red. There is nothing left from the Italian kitchen I had at our old place except for this beautiful picture of a rooster hanging near our now blue kitchen. My daughter gave me this picture for Mother’s Day a few years back. The rest of the place is now greens, browns, dark grays, and many different colors of blue including a beautiful aqua blue. There are bright beautiful blues, denim blues, rich deep blues, and, of course, slate blue with the floor and back-splash…all things blue 🙂

However, I unlikely entered my ‘blue period’ in the same way Picasso entered his as it is said that Picasso’s ‘Blue Period’ came at a particularly dark part of his life. I, on the other hand, find blue to be a calming and peaceful color and I entered my blue stage at a joyous time of my life. It was when we moved here to begin our ‘3rd Act’ in our lives and the floors were slate and the back-splash in the kitchen were both deep blues and bright gray and the land and trees were a beautiful green.

When I was in my red stage, my days were filled with life…with business, my work, my family and being in charge of all of it. I saw red as a leader color. It represents power and courage and I felt both…but, power in a good way…like a serious sense of responsibility to not let anyone down and more like a manager or a servant leader way as I did both in many aspects of my life. Once we moved here, I soaked in all the greens and, yes, the blues in the house and I felt so good. I am guessing that the blues were just ‘lurking in the shadows’ waiting for me to embrace them and that is how we ended up with so many of them in our home. Well, that, and the fact that my hubby has these beautiful blue eyes I just love. 🙂 Noticing today though, I realized that I went from a very prominent red stage in my life to an equally prominent blue stage within two years. It has been a dramatic change. But, maybe that is how things go in life sometimes where one day we are a force of nature and the next we find ourselves seeking out nature for peace and calmness and becoming quiet forces in life.

I find it interesting how colors express the characteristics that dominate in our personalities at different stages in our lives. It’s also fascinating how colors can reflect our moods. Colors can brighten our moods or calm us down, give us joy and happiness, and sometimes bring sadness like when we have gray skies and muddy days. But, throw in beautiful sunsets with all the yellows, oranges, pinks, and sometimes purples and it brings us happiness and joy. Colors also give us hope and it is the color yellow that brings us this wonderful feeling. We get it through sunrises that promise a new day, beautiful yellow flowers, and pretty butterflies to name a few. The blacks and whites also give us a different set of feelings. For me, when I see a black and white photo, I see the details more emphatically than I do when the picture has colors and it allows me to enjoy the picture in a whole new way.

So, today, while I am missing my reds a bit, I am loving on the greens as I look out the window and the blues here in my home that calm my soul and give me rest.


Have a beautiful Tuesday and may it be filled with many colors that brighten your day.

#lessonslearned ☀️💚☀️

26 Comments on “‘Color Me Blue’

  1. A favorite shade of blue for me is the sky’s color on a day with no humidity or cloud cover. It’s a shade that makes you stop and take it in. And I still see the green shade of the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Panama City Beach in a month and three days. Yep, I’m counting 🙂

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    • OHHHH!, that sounds so nice! I miss our trips to Florida. Have a wonderful time 🙂 I completely agree on the color of the sky…it’s just beautiful!


  2. 🙂 I love blue, too — from robin’s egg to deep blue sea to faded denim. There’s a blue base to every room in our house except one, which makes it easy to mix it up with decor.

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    • Ah, yay! A fellow lover of blue. It really does make it easier😊. My living room, dining room, kitchen and sitting area are all one large room with a wing at the front of the house and a wing at the side so it all actually goes together and it helps to keep a similar color scheme☀️💙☀️


  3. I love blue – the walls of my kitchen are blue. Like the picture of the rooster. Have a wonderful day.

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  4. I’ve been through many colors in my life. Grey has become my favorite. It seems drab and boring to many, but it’s a deep thing. Can we see beauty in the overlooked and ordinary things?

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  5. Diane this was amazing! I can feel what your feeling… it’s a strange thing.. in my busiest time of life raising my kids running to play dates then school functions to moving into this house we built I set my goals on painting it these bright colors .. after living in a darker older house . So the kitchen a yellow of not the sun or a sunflower can’t really say what I could relate it to except bright happy , new beginnings , to now 14 yrs later kids adults and I switch to red ( hahaha) what you came out of 🙂… kitchen red now , red decor a vibrate color for a calmer now even quieter time in my life. Hmm I find it cozy though. A new chapter in my life , I just read this and was amazed how we switched… I love colors as well as what they represent . Thank you for posting.. I hope this all made sense . So loved this post . And happy how you are so content in this next chapter.💕

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      • A fellow blogger said that the blue also symbolizes strength and wisdom. I also found out that it represents confidence, loyalty, trust, intelligence, and faith. Those are my strongest characteristics right now. Some because they have to be and others because we have realized our dreams. So, my point is, the colors are representing us at this stage of our lives. I love it☀️💙☀️

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      • Oh tis is priceless ! It’s something when you realize the colors you have in your life and their meaning and it’s what your feeling, or going through . It’s something when you said red represents courage and strength … the two things I have felt. Lately and and needed . This is something . I love what blue means knowing you I see those things🙂

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