What’s Her ‘Story’?

Brene’ Brown, researcher, storyteller, and fellow Texan says:

“You will walk inside your story and own it or you will stand outside of it and hustle for your worthiness.”

No one should ever feel as if they are not worthy of the life they were intended to live, go after it, search hard, and when you find your story, run with it and never stop living it!

I sometimes lose focus because of my curious nature. I can be driving down the street and see someone and my thoughts will be diverted to something about them.

‘Take Me Home Country Roads…

Many days, as I drive in to town, I will see a woman walking along the side of the road. Keep in mind, on the main road into town, there are no sidewalks. There are culverts in a few places but not along the whole route and it’s not a good idea to walk in a culvert as you don’t know what’s living or hiding in them and these days they are filled with water from all the rain.

She is an older woman…I am guessing in her late 60’s, with long wavy salt and pepper hair that blows in the wind as she walks and she is always carrying a gray plastic bag no matter whether she is coming or going back from the stores. Sometimes the bag seems more full on her way back than on her way there but not always. She walks with purpose, with a gait that is steady and directed as if she has made this a habit and a ‘to and fro’ experience.

As you can tell by the way I have described her I have given her presence here considerable thought. What’s her story? Where is she headed? Is she alone at her destination or are there many significant people in her life. Is she a mother, a grandmother? It’s obvious, this walk has become her routine, her habit, and I suppose, her way of transportation. She appears to be literally “walking in her story” and she seems quite content. She doesn’t look at the cars going by and it appears she doesn’t feel the need to. She is in her own realm as she walks.

I guess I am so intrigued by her because she walks with ease and yet with such purpose. I feel connected to her as she seems like someone who has found a beautiful place and is content to live out her story here just as I have. We are like-minded and I am inspired by her tenaciousness especially when I am having a tough day. She’s a wonderful reminder for me.

And, so every day I wake up and do as Brene’ Brown says and I ‘walk INSIDE this story of mine’

I may not be literally running “in my story” as I suggested you do, but I and we are definitely immersing ourselves in it everyday. Like take tonight, for instance, our windows were open and the cool breeze was coming in and that’s when we heard the geese flying oh so low! I wish I’d had my camera ready as they announced their flight over our home with wings flapping strongly in the air and voices so loud that they drowned out the sounds of the nearby peacock. We went outside to sit on the patio and listen to the frogs in the nearby pond announcing the arrival of evening and  to watch the sun going down. And, as we sit on the patio, we can hear the whippoorwill’s song across the way that brings us to quietness hoping he will continue to sing.

We spent most of yesterday and some of today preparing for summer activities and the fun times ahead with family gatherings, friends visiting and milestone events that are coming up quickly and it couldn’t have made me happier. Prior to this, I spent a lot of time making plans and thinking about each person that would attend our family get together. The babies, the children, the out-of-towners’ and the fellow Texans. I love this part of it. We have put up the baby swing in the old oak tree in the backyard, the pool is ready, the outdoor games will be out and there will be plenty of life happening on the patio. The guest beds are made, the house is cleaned and my part of the food has been prepared. It’s who I am and what I love doing for others. It’s me, deep INSIDE my own story.

But, before this gathering and in a few short days we will officially become empty nesters. We have had quite a few teases at the nest being empty but now it’s official as of this Friday when our last child graduates from college and fully begins living on his own. I have spent my time here making sure that all goes well and that this event is beautiful and memorable. Again, I have loved doing it. It’s who I am.

Our children will go and live their own stories as time goes on and while we are included in their stories we have our story to live. We have our own path to walk and have a beautiful life out here in the country and our future is bright and full of promise just as theirs’ are.

Does it make me a little sad that this part of my story is over, well, sure it does but there is so much more living and loving to do and I can’t wait to get on with it. Each new day brings a new adventure INSIDE my story and, for that, I am feeling quite thankful and blessed at the end of this Mother’s Day.

Embrace your story and live it to the fullest ☀️💚☀️

19 Comments on “What’s Her ‘Story’?

  1. Good story Diane. I love Brené Brown’s take on life and living. Her Vulnerability TED talk was very insightful into some of the things going on in our extended family and her latest talk on Netflix was great as well. As to empty nesting, it is a bit sad, but also there is a lot of pride, because when your kids are able to stand on their own, you know you have done your job well. We have been empty nesters for 12 years now. Thanks for sharing. Allan

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    • Hi Allan, thank you 🙂 You are right about her vulnerability TED talk and the quote I wrote about was the one she used in her Netflix talk. So glad to see another who likes her words of wisdom. Ya’ll are a great testimony of what empty nesting can look like! Happy Monday and Happy Travels 🙂

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  2. Very nicely done, and very important. As an empty-nester, I have had to learn that while it is difficult to see one chapter in my life end, the story isn’t over; a new chapter cannot begin until the old chapter is finished! So life can, and should, maintain some excitement as new horizons beckon. Have a lovely Monday in Texas 🙂 — Mike

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  3. Hi! I saw you followed one of my blogs. Well, it’s the one that I use the least, and you will find it pretty boring. The Hermits’ Rest is much like your blog, and is about our Texas ranch. You might also enjoy Nature along the El Camino Real, which is for our Texas Master Naturalist group in Milam County, or Hermit Haus Redevelopment – the one that links to .com rather than .biz. I do a LOT of porch sitting and am also an empty nester, so your writing resolates with me.

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  4. When we became empty nesters 12 years ago, it was bittersweet, and yet exciting, it was now just the two of us! Do we ever quit worrying about our kids? No. Will they remember to call and come home; will they need us? Yes! Both my kids are in their low and mid 30’s, and both still call to talk to me, their Mom. They ask for advice on their kids now, and I get to chuckle at their exasperation and remind them they were like that when they were little. 🙂

    As we continue each chapter in our life, it seems to only get better! ❤ I hope you get to have grandchildren one day, Diane. They are an awesome chapter! 😊

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  5. I love so much how you have stated this . You truly are a light of sunshine in this world . The way you look at things iOS beautiful. Loved this post . Enjoy your family and friends coming up . And yes you do have a story to live. And it looks like your off to a great start.💕

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