The House Has Gone Still…

The laughter and the voices are now gone…only existing in the shadows and memories of yesterdays’ gatherings, as silence once again flows through our home. The last of the family have headed home or moved on to the rest of their trip and have begun their summers.

I liken this to the sun setting…as the day comes to an end and the beauty lingers on in the colors on the horizon.

This was a beautiful and incredible week with lots of celebrating while we were at the University. And, as my son moved on to his internship back East after graduating, we came back home and celebrated more with the introductions of the littlest family members to more of their great aunts and uncles that came to town to visit.

Life can be so beautiful and so heart wrenching all at the same time. May is a pretty tough month for many of us in my family. And, it is in these times that we discover that family is important (as my niece reminds us through her words and her actions).

In all it’s disguises and all it’s challenges, the biggest and most important thing that family bring to our lives is the love we share and the support we give one another. We may not always do it right but if we keep trying to show each other love and support we will get better and better at it. My son challenges me to be a better person, my daughter challenges me to be stronger and to never give up! My hubby challenges me to be the best me I can be in the moments as I watch him interact with the smallest members of our extended family and the love he shows them.

As I look back at the pictures and the memories of this past week, I remember to see the beauty in each one of us and to cherish the times we have together and to cherish the memories of those in our family that no longer journey with us here on earth.

And, so as the sun sets and the parties and celebrations end, I will keep on cherishing all that I have been given in this world and will forever be grateful for the memories and the support and love I have received from family…

And those are my lessons learned from life on the patio today☀️💚☀️

Have a wonderful, love and gratitude filled blessed day🧡💛☀️🧡💛

25 Comments on “The House Has Gone Still…

  1. I don’t remember where I saw the quote, but it fits for us all: let’s not be sad when good times are over, but grateful that we had them, as not all have been so fortunate. — Mike

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  2. I hate that you feel the bit of sorrow. But think of the blessed time you had with your family! And I pray for many more!

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    • Aw!, thank you❤️, the sorrow is not from it all being over, it’s from some of the family not being present😢and, that May is a tough month for many of my family. We could not have kept this pace up😃as it was a whirlwind week so it was good that the house went silent😊in writing this, I wanted to portray the vastness between the two extremes…a full house and a completely silent one and when it’s happening and when it’s over…to remind myself and others to cherish the times and the people. That’s what it’s all about♥️, right? It’s so important to celebrate others and the parts they have in our lives. Ps…there will be many more as all of us are now acknowledging the value of time with each other. Thanks for thinking about me💜.

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  3. Oh Diane the way you said this was so beautiful and I felt every word so deeply . You my dear friend are the one who have a way with words . You fill me with such inspiration . And I feel for you with the quietness because I know how much you love your family around. Hugs . Oh by the way who rocks do you? Is that your outside rocker chair? This is what I was going to purchase a couple of them for my deck since my so loved swing had seen it’s last days . I love to rock . 🙂

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    • You are so sweet! Thank you. 😊, you are right about having family around but we definitely needed the quiet. It’s been busy and we pushed so hard😬so a break is good. Yes on the rockers, the two blue rockers were bought for hubby and I for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. They are wonderful because you don’t have to bring in the cushions every time it rains😊. Anyway, we got them at academy sports and outdoors. Do you have them near you? We needed more chairs when we had large gatherings.

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  4. A lovely post – with happiness and sadness. It is hard to watch our children grow up and move on with their lives. Now we know how our parents felt when we pushed forward in our lives. I sit and smile as I remember and cherish memories from the past.

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  5. Hello, hello, hello, looks like wonderful day and pictures so peaceful, i hope you are having a good day 🤗

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  6. Beautiful pics and beautiful thoughts my friend. Yes, it resonates so well with me. God has been very kind to me with a big and loving family and friends. Deepest gratitude 🙏

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