Take A Chance…And Take The Shot!

Photo credit goes to my daughter who took this picture of one of the Great Lakes on a recent trip.

Take a chance...always, when your heart is leading you to that door…Open it! Because, if you “don’t ever shoot, you’ll never score!”

Our May has been a very busy one and as things slow down I now find myself given the chance to think about the month, think about our lives a bit more, and enjoy the place we love…where we can just ‘be’ and soak in all that we have worked towards. It is in this time of thinking, enjoying the life we have, and slowing down that I write this blog today.

Explore, go after what you dream most about. Be adventurous, throw open the doors and experience life. Your dreams are part of your journey and part of your story.

The idea that if you don’t ever shoot…you can’t score, came from a movie called “For The Glory”. At first it was about a college basketball player who was really good at setting other players up to make a basket and essentially score but he rarely took the shot himself. With the encouragement of his best friend, he took a chance on the world of soccer and never looked back. He opened his door to success after his dad said to him, ‘if you never shoot, you’ll never score.’

Go ahead, take the shot!

As our son headed back East to an internship this summer with some amazing researchers that are working on helping our military men and women be more aware, safer, and work smarter; it really got me thinking. Both of our children are creatives, both are published in their areas of expertise, and both are passionate about helping and teaching others. I mention this because they both went after what they loved. It wasn’t always easy and they weren’t without struggles but they did it. They opened the doors and ‘took the shot.’

Early on, we encouraged them to find careers doing what they love. We took a lot of criticism for going this route with them, but, as I look back, I know we did the right thing. Encouragement and trust in the journey of life has created their life stories. When I think back over the past few years, I am astonished at how many wonderful things have happened simply because they took a chance and went after what they wanted and after their passions. My daughter is now looking to make a career move/change. She is following that nudge to move more towards her passions. They are both seeing the doors and opening them because they both have creative minds that love to experience life. Not just in their lives after 9-5 but also during the work times. They love and thrive on learning and seeing and doing new things.

Hubby and I have both tried to live this way for as long as we have known each other and even before we met. We have consistently worked towards walking in our own stories. Not, because we had vast knowledge on the subject…just because it seemed like the right path.

A few years back, we started working towards our ‘3rd Act’ plans. We have talked about them since the time we were dating. Two years ago, we put many of our dreams and plans into action and moved out to the country. Well…as country as we like it, that is.

Our country home is now almost exactly as we had envisioned it many years ago. We have the pool to work out in and to lay in the boats and look up at the big Texas sky. Today, a hawk flew right above my daughter’s head as she sat on the pool steps and ladder. It was amazing to see the hawk up close like that.

We have ‘enough’ land where we don’t feel barricaded in, we have ‘enough’ inside space to have nights that turn into mornings with close friends and family, and a large area to host everyone in the local family and then some…around the farmhouse table. And, in our hearts, we have ‘enough’ generosity and love to bring happiness to others that visit our home.

And, now, while working on our 3rd Act here in the country we can now start working the projects we have waited to do, plan the businesses, and work on community endeavors and help those who don’t have ‘enough.’

Life’s short, follow your passions, take time to bring others happiness and joy and enjoy the moments while living life to the fullest. Most of all…Take the shot!

Have a blessed, happy, and people filled Tuesday while doing all those things that you are passionate about and that makes you, YOU!


19 Comments on “Take A Chance…And Take The Shot!

  1. Very wise and thoughtful post! More parents should raise their children in this way. There would be many more happy people doing what they like and less hating to do what they must!

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  2. Nicely done! The saddest sentence any of us will ever say starts with the words “what if. . .” We only get one shot at life. We should not be irresponsible, but if a certain opportunity presents itself, that shot may never come again! — Mike

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  3. I love that you call this the 3rd Act! I love this time myself. We have a collection of memories to share and new ones to make with us. It’s funny how you can still learn in a marriage. PS. Grateful that your son is working on a project for our military.

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    • Thank you💕, I like how you said that too…memories to share and memories to make! Yes, we’ve
      Been married for over 32 years and still learn. Thanks too, my son is excited to be able to work on that project. I hope you have a wonderful day☀️💚☀️

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