Oh, It’s a Beautiful Day in the ‘Neighborhood’

The day here today reminds me of Mister Rogers television show where he sings that song, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, the neighborhood, it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, won’t you be mine, won’t you be my neighbor.” If you are a fan like me, I bet you just sang it instead of reading it😊

It IS one of those beautiful days here. The birds are singing, bright colorful butterflies flying around the flowers and flowering plants, the hawks are flying overhead, nothing but peace and a few friendly neighbors in our little ‘neck of the woods.’ It’s a beautiful warm day. A day good for sitting under the oak tree with a book and an iced tea, a dip in the pool and outdoor grilling. All the signs of summer and it’s the first time I have slowed down enough to completely enjoy it. It feels so good to have the sun beating down once again.

Ah!, life on the patio can be so sweet especially when I slow down enough to notice the simple things like the shadow patterns the sun creates on the cement. I truly love the simple things life brings to us. As these are little reminders to cherish what we have. The taste of the ice cold tea. The ability to see those shadows and the beautiful green trees and flowers of every color, to hear the birds and geese and ‘Blue’…one of our hummingbirds that fly right over my head to the feeder filled with the sweet nectar. To be able to touch the green grass and feel it beneath our feet and to feel the coolness of the clear water in the pool. And, let’s not forget the smell in the air of the blooming flowers.

As I sit here beneath the tree, I sit in peace remembering friends that are dealing with serious health issues right now cherishing my time I have gotten to spend with them, cherishing all the people who walk this journey of life with me so far and cherishing the beauty all around me.

On this day, many years ago, hubby and I were walking around a similar beautiful place in Michigan. I was in labor and we were awaiting the arrival of our first born but it was too soon to go for labor and delivery so we walked near the creek and listened to the water splashing over the rocks and felt the coolness on our feet. We walked under the trees along the path to the pond and we talked about what life would be like for the newest member of our family who would arrive later that night.

Happy Birthday to our beautiful daughter💕. You have blessed our lives beyond words. ♥️♥️♥️

☀️💚☀️ Have a beautiful and blessed day!

13 Comments on “Oh, It’s a Beautiful Day in the ‘Neighborhood’

  1. It’s awesome you look at the shadows! I do too!

    Happy birthday to your daughter!

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  2. You have done it once again! shown me that simple is absolutely beautiful. and yes I sang the first part hahaha! what a beautiful day you had . Happy Birthday to your daughter☺

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  3. Ah – I have always loved – sweet, kind, Mr. Rogers. Your post just made me want to perk up and quit letting all these rainy days get me down. And I do love being outside enjoying every aspect of this lovely world. Happy day to you. Daughters are so special – and Happy birthday to your daughter.

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