The ‘Lakehouse’

The lakehouse gives something different to each recipient that walks through its’ doors.

I had a ‘lesson learned’ moment about life here in the country and at the lake.

The lesson is that the experience that each person seeks and has as they walk through our doors is a unique one. I know what I would like them to experience yet each one comes in with a different set of circumstances and needs and wants and what they get from being here is about them and not about me. And, to me, that’s the best part about living here at the lakehouse. People can come and receive what they need.

For me, it brings a calm, peaceful state especially when I spend time on the patio, in the pool, or out front in the porch area around the fire pit.

For my daughter, it’s an escape from the business of the city, a time to slow down and ‘run free’ a little more. It’s a place for her dog to let go and run and not have to be tethered. For my son, it’s the drive in, time on the lake, seeing all the wildlife, and relaxing on the patio looking out at the trees. For hubby, it’s the quietness of the surroundings, the land and all the old oak trees that when he sets his eyes on it, he breathes more slowly and feels more relaxed.

For friends, the pull is the get away to experience lake life and take a mini vacation. It might mean coming on a Friday night and going out on the boat, evening board games, quiet patio time, an early morning walk to the lake followed by breakfast and a dip in the pool, getting cleaned up and going out to a nice dinner at the local country places. Or just staying put and enjoying the house, the pool, the good food we make together and the outside games and time outdoors.

For others, it’s a drive out for a day to visit, to soak up the quietness and the beautiful trees and have a meal with family and friends. It’s about sitting around the bonfire at night, looking up at the stars and finding Orion’s Belt and planets in the dark sky. It’s about hearing the owls speaking out in the darkness and the coyotes howling in the distance.

But, most of all for everyone who ventures out…it’s about ‘slowing down’, watching a beautiful sunset, waking up to morning coffee on the patio and watching the birds at the feeder or in the birdbath while the hummingbirds buzz above …doing this all the while enjoying nature all around us.

Have a blessed Sunday in whatever you are doing and wherever you are doing it☀️💚☀️

17 Comments on “The ‘Lakehouse’

    • It certainly can, yes, if you do it right. Haha, we DO have a party ‘cove’ on our lake where the boats just sit in the water and they play loud music. We tend to avoid that area as our like has almost 30k acres. 😊😊

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      • I’m very jealous lol!! I finally got a boat. It’s an old jon boat and as ugly as sin but she’s all mine! I’m hoping to set sail around fall 😊

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      • Ideally, I’d love a canoe. Just about a 10 foot canoe, but I couldn’t pass on this. The price was too right.

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  1. Diane the love for your home and surroundings is absolutely felt when I read your post . I know what I would get from going to your home . The feeling of warmth and love and carefree . ❤️

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