Don’t Let It Slip Away…

Don’t let it slip away. LIVE A LIFE YOU WILL REMEMBER …and one where you are making memories with those in your ‘circle, your tribe’…for one day, you’ll leave this world behind…

Cherish your day and all those in it. And, when it’s over…say thanks for the memories and thank those who were wanting to be a part of it.

Today’s blog is dedicated to one of my kindred spirits, a close friend, she was also one of my ‘soul sisters’ and I felt honored to be one of hers.

She was a beautiful soul that blessed this earth for too short of time. Kindred spirits, defined, are our confidantes and soul sisters. They are those people that we find ourselves feeling the most comfortable with….those individuals that we allow ourselves to feel the most vulnerable with. We share our deepest secrets with them and they with us. We connect well and when talking, hardly ever experience a lull in conversation. There are many conversations, and we forget to check the time when we are together because our time together is so meaning filled and so much more important and enjoyable than anything else. We are energized by their presence and they by ours.

Kindred spirits bring us happiness, joy, and contentment because they give us a sense of belonging, a sense of value, and confidence and empowerment.

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A few months back one of my kindred spirits and I had appointments with doctors the same week. As the week went on, she went silent. She didn’t respond to my texts and her online presence became nonexistent. I began to worry. When she did talk to me she first asked how my appointment had gone and when I asked about hers…I immediately knew that mine had gone far better than hers. Within seconds we had both received news that would change our lives, hers was life ending and mine was life altering. I knew it without her even saying it. She said it was not the news she had hoped for and that she needed some time before she talked about it. It was then that I knew, we were on the downward path. I had hoped we could have walked this journey together as well but, in the end, she chose to surround herself with only her family. We never said goodbye not even then always leaving each other with the “see you later” salutation but, really, we never needed to either and she knew that too. We were kindred spirits.

My heart was heavy these last few days. She is gone but now, free from pain and free from the hardship life had given her with her illness. I am thankful for the memories, thankful for our wonderful friendship, grateful for her unique perspective and I’m happy to have been a part of her journey on this earth and grateful to have known her and so, I say to her if she can ‘hear’ me now…thanks for the memories and for being in my life and “I’ll see you later♥️.”

I am lucky enough to have eight women in my life that fit this definition. I feel allowed to be free to be me and I feel comfortable in who I am around them. When we are together, we all get to be genuine and that is a gift and a real treat in this life. So, instead of feeling sorrow over having lost this wonderful friend, my heart is filled with gratitude of time well spent while together and sharing all that we valued most in life. Mostly grateful though that I don’t let the time slip away. Those in my circles know how much I love them, how much they mean to me, and how blessed I am with their presence in my life.

Hoping that you are cherishing your day and not letting it slip away💕💞💕 Amd that you are seeing all the blessings in it.

These are my lessons learned today…cherish it all😊


42 Comments on “Don’t Let It Slip Away…

    • Thank you Mike! This is true. And,
      My faith tells me the same that is why ‘see you later’ really works well now😊. May God bless you too💚


  1. I think she heard your beautiful message to her💖 And I hope your doing okay.. Thinking of you . I do know I thank God every night in my prayers for blessing me with you in my life. I know we can’t be near but just having you in my life is a blessing.💖

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  2. My condolences. Life is precious and time spent with loved ones is priceless. We just got home to news of a dear friend’s passing. The pain will pass, but it will take time. Allan

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  3. The best possible perspective in a sad and difficult story. She took what was her most comfortable approach to this huge challenge and you accepted her for it. Not easy from either perspective but is powerful, proactive and peace-giving. Le grà, Marie

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  4. Love to both the kindred souls .. different times .. different dimensions. Thank you so much for sharing the experience and the learning 💕🙏

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