The Simple Things Of Life

Photo credit goes to my very talented daughter❣️

Since I was still feeling the effects of the week this past weekend, we slowed down and enjoyed the simple things in life. We relaxed on the patio near the oak tree…

photo credit: goes to my talented daughter…

went for a drive, spent time in my happy place(the pool), watched this movie called The Park Bench and, on Saturday morning, I felt up to going to the local community market. I chose the market as I unfortunately had to miss the fun Freedom Fest put on by our little town.

In the movie we watched, the actor was talking about the American dream and how he worked picking strawberries ten hours a day. Those words and the fresh fruit and vegetables found at the market got me in to a ‘lesson learned’ moment.

I have a visual memory and as the man on the bench in the movie talked on about working ten hour days picking strawberries, I could picture him doing just that and when he said ‘it is hot, back breaking work,’ I really understood since I know the feeling of the body saying enough…as the pain sets in.

After visiting the community market in the heat, I started thinking about what it took to bring the fruits and vegetables to market. The hard work to toil the land, plant the seeds, tend to the crop as it grows, picking the ripe fruits and vegetables, sorting and putting into baskets all the food, and setting up the tables at the market. There was also a jam maker there. She grows and picks her own blackberries and then makes them into jam, pours them into jars, and comes to market. When I think of the work and the diligence it takes to bring the final product to market, I realize the true value of the process each person took before I saw them on Saturday morning sitting at their tables selling their goods. I decided that from now on, I will make an extra effort to think about the process…what went in to each encounter I have and to try to value it as each experience comes at me each day.

I can take it another step further and think about the effort someone else made to build this place so that I can be sitting here on my patio looking out at the beautiful flowers

Photo credit goes to my creative and talented daughter…

and the oak tree I sit under and where the visiting kids and some grownups have fun on the swing. And, even further, each time I take a bite of food, I want to savor it knowing that someone worked hard to get it to me all the way from it’s seed to it being ready to be picked and delivered.

And, what about the effort to make the sno-cones we picked up on Sunday from the stand that was right next to the fireworks stand. I know well the process they went through to put it in my hands as my family owned an ice cream parlor as kids and the parlor had a sno-cone machine in it. As kids, we worked in that ice cream parlor with it providing us with our first job experiences. Back then, we had to drive down to the French Quarter in New Orleans to pick up the ice to be used. As we waited for our sno-cones on Sunday, I knew the stand where we bought them had to get the ice, open the shop, get the syrups ready and so on and it made it so much more enjoyable thinking about it as we ate our pretty multicolored sno-cones.

This type of thinking could go on and on…now my thoughts wander to my wonderful happy place and the crystal clear water in it and as I swim across it I can open my eyes and see where I am and I can feel the cool water as it surrounds me. The process to bring me and my pool this clear water is not an easy one and I want to remember to be grateful for all the time and work each person has put in so that I (we) can enjoy it.

And, so, my lesson learned today is don’t take anything for granted. Enjoy it all! Be grateful for all the work others do to make all of our lives a little easier. Remember the value each has by remembering the process it took.

This thought and lesson can also be applied to all the beauty around me and even if it seems like we are merely enjoying the simple things of life, each took a long journey and path to get to where they are today for me(us) to use, to enjoy, and to consume.

Have a blessed and bountiful Tuesday filled with many people, wonderful things and experiences! I am forever grateful for all of you who take the time to read my blog. I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post!☀️💚☀️

11 Comments on “The Simple Things Of Life

  1. Once again Diane you have made me realize life’s simple pleasures but what goes into them for us to enjoy them. Thank you for a beautiful post and for being such a beautiful person in so many ways.💕

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  2. What good advice, Diane. Isn’t life the sum of many simple things? We would live a lot more consciously and be present in the moment if we reminded ourselves of that simple truth. Your daughter’s photos are lovely, especially the one featuring the butterfly/moth on the flower.

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    • Thank you Tanja, I love how you put it into words. Yes, we would! 💗
      I will let my daughter know what you said about her photography. She really enjoys capturing the beauty of life😊

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