💙♥️Happy Independence Day America💙♥️

If there is one thing America loves to do, it is…CELEBRATE!

with as big a bang as we can get. We like celebrations…most of us do anyways. It doesn’t matter if they are big or small or in between, our goal is the prettier the better and what better way to see ‘pretty’ than to light up the sky with colors and say: Look at us! we are here, we are celebrating our freedom, our independence, and the lives each of us have made. We are proud to be Americans.

Does America have problems, sure, of course, everywhere does but those problems we have that you see in the news aren’t necessarily real. And, it’s hard to know what is real. Yesterday I saw two news stories on the same subject and they contradicted each other. Some stories are, to an extent, made up to tell the story the news outlet wants you to hear and to respond to emotionally. My point is…sometimes it’s very important to be extra careful when it comes to what you believe.

So, as we Americans celebrate our Independence today, let’s remember those famous words of one of our poets…”we are more alike than we are different” (thank you Maya Angelo) and we are definitely more UNITED than we are divided.

I am proud to be an American because most of us in this country are what we here in the South call “good people”. We are the strangers who reach out to lend a helping hand when a fellow American is in need, we are the neighbors who check on each other and gather together in great times and yes, in tragic times, good people can be found all over America helping another simply because the help is needed. Good people and of course our military and first responders are all the unsung heros of America. They are the ones who don’t make the news…they go about quietly doing good and building up the people and the country they love and live in.

So, when you hear the news coming from and about America, think about all the aforementioned people because in America, it’s usually the negative news and the squeaky wheel that seems to get the grease and gets picked up by the news outlets.

And, when you think of the United States of America know that most of us treat each other really well. We respect, accept, and care about each other. That is the America I know. All of us are like that except for those noisy, angry, few that twist things and try to divide us and who consistently try to give our country a bad image.

Have a happy and blessed day. Best wishes to all of you ♥️🇺🇸💙

❤️💙Proud to be an American💙♥️

To all my readers from 54 countries and to those in America, I say thank you for finding me and reading my blog. I appreciate ALL of you and since going public with this blog, I have learned so much about our wonderful world from many of you. Thank you!


18 Comments on “💙♥️Happy Independence Day America💙♥️

  1. Thanks back to you for doing the blog. Your constant optimism and appreciation of life is refreshing. May your day be full of food, fun, family, fireworks and all other good stuff that may or may not begin with ‘f’ ! 🙂

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