A Cup Of Tea Beneath My Tree

“I don’t feel very much like Pooh today” said Pooh. “There, there” said Piglet, “I’ll bring you tea and honey until you do.”

Sipping on my tea under the big oak tree…I can understand what Pooh means and how very smart Piglet is. Tea and honey make all things better. 🙂

Over ten years ago we visited Victoria, Canada and it was then that I fully fell in love with morning and afternoon teas. We felt the same way when we visited Banff, Golden, Calgary, Jasper, and other places near there. But it isn’t the tea itself that entices me into this ritual of having tea. It’s the feel of the tea cup in my hands, The feel of it when it touches my mouth, and the drinking of it. It is a comfort drink but really its more than that as it calms me and slows me down to enjoy life just a little more. I enjoy the same feeling from drinking coffee but yet there is something more magical about having a cup of tea. It’s the elegance of tea parties and the time spent with those I care about while sipping on different flavored teas that have made me become a tea connoisseur. It’s also my love of Canada and the Canadian culture and my love of Europe that brings me more to the tea.

It’s the sharing of great conversations while sipping on tea or having a tea party. It’s the delicateness And beauty of the teapots and the teacups.


And, it’s the way that a cup of tea or even a glass of tea can change the mood and the attitude of an entire day.

Have a wonderful Tuesday enjoying life! My hope for you today is that you have a ‘Piglet’ Or many Piglets in your life too… <3. Piglets’ are a special breed. The make you feel valued and loved.


24 Comments on “A Cup Of Tea Beneath My Tree

  1. This was beautiful! from the pics of your back yard under the big Oak to your teapot .That teapot is gorgeous . I love how a mug of coffee and tea feel in my hands . just holding a mug in my hands brings comfort. once again how we are so aligned with one another’s life. except for one thing tea in the summer . Its my favorite when Fall comes.

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    • Haha, it’s only slightly warm summer tea and many times it’s an iced tea. Thank you Kim, I sure love my big oak tree. We have four of them on the property but many smaller trees. That’s it😊, exactly! Holding it and it brings comfort and
      contentment. I love how are lives are so aligned too. It’s like sharing our stories together😁. So happy we are friends!!!!

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      • Yes we are so aligned .I love that too.I like how you put that “it’s like sharing our stories together. And yes I love and so happy as well that we are friends!!😊 When I read how you love your tea and holding the mug I was amazed that we have that in common.☺

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  2. Ah such a sweet post. My piglets are my daughter and granddaughter. We have sat conversing many times as we sipped exotic teas. It is calming and relaxing to have a “spot of tea.”

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  3. Good post Diane. For me, it is the afternoon cuppa Joe. Whether latte, drip or iced. It is a pause that refreshes. What is it that comforts us so much? Allan

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    • Thanks Allan😊 I do the afternoon cup of joe once a week. It’s a real treat. I like to think the comfort comes from taking that break like you said and sipping on something. When I was growing up I saw that happy hour was a big thing and as I got older I did some of that but it just wasn’t as appealing to me as the afternoon tea or the coffee unless it was with my dad or my brother…my scotch drinking buddies😊


  4. Believe it or not, I’d actually like to have a really nice tea set. I think I’ve come to respect my tea that much!

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  5. Great post! I am a coffee drinker in the morning, but afternoon and evening it’s tea mainly. And it’s so nice, especially sitting outside. That is a great teapot, I love blue and white. Enjoyed your tea post very much!😃😺

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  6. Rituals can be so comforting, Diana. One imbibes not only tea, but all the rituals and stories behind it. This is a lovely way of thinking of it, thank you for the reminder. ☕

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