Wordless Wednesday

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  1. After all the rain we have had here, I just have to ask what that bright light is in the sky. Also, what type of bird is the red one on the bird bath. He is pretty. Thanks Diane. Allan

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    • Haha, sorry you haven’t seen the sun in a while. It was so beautiful last night. The bird is one of the male cardinals that frequent our bird bath and yard. There are also at least two female ones. I sure do love when they come to visit. We also have a new painted bunting that has been visiting but he is colored as vibrantly as last years was.


  2. Great shots! I love the sunset picking through the branches! Btw, I have nominated you for Real Neat Blog Award! Congrats!

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    • Thank you! I am glad you loved it. Unfortunately, last night, that tree was hit by lightening and knocked to the ground. So sad, it was a beautiful tree.
      Thank you for the nomination that is so sweet of you and it means so much that you thought of me💗

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      • It is sad…but you have captured the beauty so it still living in the picture you took. 🙂 My pleasure to nominate you, it’s a shortlist 🙂 Happy weekend!

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      • Aw!, thank you…it’s nice to be a part of the shortlist😊. Yes, I am so glad I have had many chances to capture that beautiful tree. Have a wonderful weekend too😊☀️💚☀️😊

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      • Lucky you on the all the local Cardinals! My little comfort thing, “when a Cardinal appears, an angel is near”. I instantly think of my Mom who I lost suddenly almost five years ago when I see a Cardinal. I always think or even sometimes say loudly, “Hi Mom” 🙂 Even a photo of one makes me think of my Mom and I smile. So thank you, Diane! I do miss her so…..
        And BTW, a Cardinal flew in front of us this afternoon on our way home. Mom is watching over me!

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      • Donna, I LOVE that you had a cardinal fly right in front of you today. Mine too on they are a sign from Heaven. I understand your pain and am so sorry for your loss. We lost my Mom suddenly seven years ago. Every time I see the cardinals my heart feels happy. I am so glad I could
        Brighten your day by sharing the pics😊❣️

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      • Thank you, Diane, and I am so sorry for your loss as well. Great Blue Herons were my Mom’s favorite bird so I enjoyed taking lots of photos of them for Mom; I still see them often, of course, and they are another smiling reminder of her. 😊 Birds are definitely a gift to us from the Heavens above!

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      • Aw! Thank you! I love the blue
        Herons too. It’s neat to know the story behind your photos of the blue herons. Thanks for sharing that. My mom’ fav was the dove but she also loved any bird with bright colors😊and, that is why I love listening to the many doves we have out here. It brings our moms closer to us, doesn’t it💕?

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