‘To Be Nobody But Yourself’

Now, that is life and in my opinion the only way to live it.

There’s this really good Volvo commercial that talks about being ‘nobody but yourself. Life seems to just work when you are yourself. It’s so much better not to have a conflicted mind and body.

A while back I saw something on the show Seal Team where one of the Seals says he feels like he has spent his whole life living up to everyone else’s expectation and in doing so, he figures he doesn’t even know who he really is. He has spent every day trying to be somebody he is not and has been waging a war within himself.

Don’t do that!!! Be YOU!!! Stand out! Live up to your own expectations and when you have the chance to be vulnerable with someone, take it. If for some reason they don’t like it or don’t respond to you sharing about life then that’s on them, not you. You just keep on being you. Value yourself enough to not bend to what others want you to be. Be authentic you. The person you were created to be. When you do that, your soul comes alive and becomes excited about life.

Remember too, that you, before anyone else, knows your value so don’t let someone who doesn’t know your value tell you your worth. They don’t know you like you know yourself. YOU are the expert. You know all about your gifts, your talents, your things you want to work on, and your character. YOU know how to apply all of those to the real world…sure you can seek guidance from others to help you but you know what is best. When you stay true to you, work hard, go after your dreams, and plan your journey, your story starts to unfold and life becomes a blessing. You find the people meant to be in your life, you find people start to accept and love you as you are, you find opportunities to be you just about everywhere you go and you live each day building upon the past day and moving forward with a focused attitude knowing what you are looking for and knowing how to make it happen.

To me, it is the only way to live, walking in the shoes and along the path that works for you. As you journey each day, take this reminder with you…to be ‘nobody but yourself.’

Note: this text from my son on Tuesday came with a lesson that ties in well with this post. It’s about a katydid that stayed on his car from work all the way to his home.

“…they’re meant to camouflage with foliage but he decided that he wanted to stand out as much as possible on my blue car 😂 ‘even at 60 mph.’ I think we could maybe all learn a lesson from this katydid.” “He’s still there chillin”

Lesson learned! We all spend so much time camouflaging ourselves that we forget to stand out and just ‘chill.’ Be bold!

17 Comments on “‘To Be Nobody But Yourself’

  1. Enjoyed your post. Everything you said is true – “Be Nobody But Yourself”. You said everything that needed to be said on the subject. Good job.

    Liked by 1 person

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