The Time Is Now

My mind is saying “I want to fly, I want to SOAR, I want to be as free as a butterfly and discover this world to the fullest.

I took these pictures last week. They remind me of how carefree I have always longed to be but never could be and how I still want to SOAR like a butterfly or a bird!

I have this incredible drive to experience all things life.

And yet, my body is telling me something else. I literally have not been out of my house in days.

I did not expect to be hit so hard from this past week of fun as I do have a routine that helps me to sustain this wonderful lifestyle of mine.

But since this has happened, I decided today to give others a view from the inside as to what it’s like to live this very different life. It’s time to make my voice heard to give others a better understanding.

There are some very important things to know about people who live daily with a chronic illness. It has only been in the last few years that I, personally have started to accept that I even have chronic illnesses as I had been in denial for so many years most likely since I was eight years old. I am sure there are many others out there just like me😊.

The message below says it well for all of us dealing with extra stuff and feeling like we can’t measure up because we can’t keep up…

When it comes down to it, we all need that fundamental right…that sense of belonging, to be respected, and feel valued on a regular basis. And, we all need each other. These rights and feelings hold extra meaning to people who have daily struggles because we are treated differently. Many times we experience feeling ‘invisible’ because we can’t keep up and are different, others treat us as if we are ‘less than’ or merely incapable of doing things or making decisions for ourselves. We are excluded from activities that require endurance, normal physical abilities, and strong independence yet we are some of the most independent and emotionally strong people out there. Our chronic issues are what have made us stronger, more courageous, and more independent. That is what I want others to see. I want others to understand that we have the same needs as everyone else and many times the same wants.

Like I said in the beginning of this blog, for as long as I remember, I have longed to ‘fly and soar’ and experience the world. It’s kind of ironic that I would be given this passion for life and yet only be able to experience it more slowly and more well planned than most. But, I guess I was given that drive to remind me to keep pushing on in the face of adversity and for that I am grateful.

And, so, ‘lessons learned’😊, I go into this week with new boundaries set in place and with the knowledge my struggle is real, isn’t everyone’s😎 and I must remember it every day and if on the outside it looks like I am sometimes unfriendly, not social, or showing isolating tendencies, it might be because I am fighting hard that day to remain significant and to enjoy ‘all things life’ in the way that I can.

And, so, for now, I will embrace these new lessons and keep The HOPE!

Have a wonderful week and remember to find the HOPE and the JOY that life brings no matter what your circumstances are. ☀️💚☀️

36 Comments on “The Time Is Now

    • You are very welcome😊. I hope
      that those who read
      it will understand a bit more what some go through. I have to admit, I hesitated publishing it so many times because it does require a lot
      of vulnerability but that is what I love to see in people so I need to show it as well. I hope your day is all you want it to be☀️💚☀️

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  1. We all have value simply because we live and breathe. The thing I have to do in relationship and in regard to others is to recognize that value. We do this by realizing that everyone has their own unique way to soar, each being just as special and exciting as the other. Well done, as usual– Mike

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  2. well done……… with chronic illnesses is tough and what makes it tougher are the people around us who are so uncaring, or unwilling to understand our limitations.

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  3. Oh, my goodness! There is someone else out there who struggles with the exact feelings that I do but other than my husband, no one else has known what I struggle with often. Thank you for posting this.

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    • Thanks for sharing that Irene, I figured there were many of us out there with similar feelings☀️💕☀️. And, it was the same for me…no one else knew😊Have a wonderful rest of the week😊

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  4. Amen. I can relate to everything you have written here. I have wanted to soar. I have battled health problems for the last 30 years that have made me miss a lot of life. I do get discouraged when others act as if my brain has failed me like my body has. I commend you for never giving up – I try very hard never to let health problems get me down. So – let’s soar like an eagle, high in the sky, and see the world that God has placed before our eyes.

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  5. Wonderful post and very meaningful for me as a chronic pain and illness sufferer with severe myopia and astigmatism. So often in life, chronic illness turns us in to defining ourselves as a ‘Sick Person’ and we slowly stop seeing our other gifts and the beauty in nature.

    Now, I like to define myself as a Photographer (who happens to have health restrictions) – there’s a big difference.

    Since my eyesight deteriorated almost overnight at the age of 7, and now at 65, is deteriorating still further, I have learned to compensate. It’s amazing how our vision expends when we learn to truly ‘see’.

    I have a poster attached to my fridge and it reminds me every day “Optimism – the difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them.”

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    • Wow! Vicki thanks so much for your comments and words of wisdom and for your wonderful attitude. I love what you do in defining yourself. Our chronic illnesses do not define us. And, what a great poster to have ‘up front and center’ each day💕

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  6. A wonderful, meaningful post, Diane, and I love the quote, something I try to follow in my life. I’m sorry to hear of your struggles. Having support from others can really make all the difference. I am still trying to recover from a life-changing accident almost 3 years ago myself, I know though physically I’ll never be 100% back to where I was prior. I try to put my struggles in perspective with others, knowing that I’ve come a long way and am doing better, whereas others aren’t as lucky. Hugs and prayers to you, Diane. Keep your chin up (and ours too!) with your beautiful posts, let’s fly and soar with hope every day! 🙂


    • Donna, thank you for the hugs and for your prayers and your understanding. So sorry to hear about your struggles. Stay strong and hugs to you also. We fight the hard fight in what we deal with but it makes us stronger, more
      Compassionate to others, and as I just read today, what we learn from our experiences is meant to be shared to help others. Yes, we fly, we soar, and we hope😊because as my son tells me often… “we got this”😊. Have a wonderful day Donna and thanks for sharing.

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