Oh The Places We go…

Oh the places we go and the fun we have had…Each picture we take, each beautiful thing we see has its own story to tell and when it comes to nature, the stories are endless. Road trips can be amazing when it comes to all the beauty you get to see.

Years ago when two of my sisters and I were living in San Diego in my parents’ home as young teenagers, we were playing the question game. One of the questions that came up was…what if you lost one of your senses? Which one, out of all the others, would you not want to lose. I said, “my sight” as I had always enjoyed the beautiful things that I encountered every day. For a few years after that when I was diagnosed with a progressive incurable eye disease, I (we) all thought I would, after all, have to learn to live without my sight but then seven years into the diagnosis, the drusen stopped depositing itself on my optic nerve and has since gone into remission. I tell this story to contribute to my ‘lessons learned’ because what I did discover during that scary time was how it gave me a stronger sense of love and value of the beauty all around me.

Recently, we took a small road trip…just the hubby and I and what you see below are the many beautiful things we discovered. Each one has a story to tell as we adventured out to the Ozarks of Arkansas.

IN EVERYTHING, THERE IS BEAUTY…Cherish the beauty that surrounds you. Never take it for granted as it too, has a very important purpose in LIFE.

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I have a very strong love for animals, especially horses and birds, and I do love to talk with many of them. I also have a love for forests, bridges, barns, trains, tunnels, and most bodies of water.

Have a wonderful rest of your day and week! Seek the beauty in all you see. It soothes the soul. ☀️💚☀️💚☀️

19 Comments on “Oh The Places We go…

  1. It would be hard to lose any of our senses, they all collaborate to let us experience our beautiful world fully. I am glad you still have your vision, Diane, and I hope you will continue to see many beautiful sights.
    Best wishes,

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  2. I can agree with you sight would be the one sense I wouldn’t want to loose.. it’s amazing how something like that makes you stronger and appreciate things more💕 your such a beautiful person and these picture are amazing I love that you shared all that you love and find beauty in❤️

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    • Aw! Thank you Kim💗, for all your sweet compliments. I loved all the details and colors in the photos.
      I am always amazed by those who cope so well without one or some of their senses.


  3. So glad you did not lose your sight. The Arkansas Ozarks are a beautiful place to visit. As an Arkansas resident for decades I think this state has some great places to visit.

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  4. Hey Diane, what a wonderful road trip you had! Thanks so much for sharing the great pics! I agree, sight would be the worst to lose, I just love to see the beauty in nature around us. Have a great day!😀😺🍁🍂🌲

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