The Kitchen

‘The Kitchen is The Heart of every Bakery, every Diner, every Restaurant and every HOME’


The kitchen…

In every home we have lived in, the kitchen has meant a great deal to me. It’s where I can create wonderful dishes for my guests and my family to enjoy. Traditions were and are created in all of our kitchens. The pictures you see are of my last kitchen where most of our traditions originated and a large majority of our celebrations came to life.


It will always be one of my favorite places as I spent 23 years in this one creating so many recipes. This kitchen is where the kids helped me create special dishes like the Christmas Eve lasagna that soon became a favorite… and where we created and baked treats. It’s where my mom and dad made jelly and homemade bread with mine and my sister’s kids. This kitchen hosted many a holiday and many early weekend mornings baking. This kitchen is where the first Mickey Cake originated thanks to Maurice Sendak’s book called “In The Night Kitchen”. He was one of our favorite authors when our children were little. It’s where we perfected our chocolate fudge recipe together…first with my daughter, then with my son. It’s where they both learned to cook.

A new tradition begins tomorrow. In my kitchen I have now, I will be making peach jam for the first time and I will be making Tabouli (Tabbouleh). It is one of my son’s favorites and it brings back memories of the Mediterranean market that he and I would frequent on Saturday mornings and we’d go to their kitchen and order our Tabouli, hummus, and sometimes the meats that the chef would make to take home or to friends’ places to share. The chef there always made us feel welcome as if we were walking into his own kitchen in his home. He would sit us down and have us try different things he prepared that day. It was a wonderful experience. And, so, I will make this Tabouli to take for my son to enjoy when we visit him soon.

Now you see why I know that the kitchen is the heart of every home, every bakery, every restaurant, and every diner. There are so many stories that revolve around ‘the kitchen.’ It is what brings people back asking for more of, not just the food, but also the atmosphere, the fun, the feelings, and the celebrations. The kitchen feeds the family, the friend, the guests and teaches our children lifelong skills, as it also feeds our souls by building relationships, traditions, and memories.

Wishing all of you many happy experiences in the kitchens that have become a part of your lives.

Happy Tuesday!

25 Comments on “The Kitchen

  1. A wonderful post. Liked the photos and stories of your kitchen. The kitchen to me is the most important room in a home. I have created many recipes and have made a lot of peach jam in my life and it is delicious. Blueberry jam is my favorite.

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    • Thank you, I’m happy to hear you also have created many a recipe in your kitchen💗. And so good to know that the peach jam is delicious. I’m definitely going to have to try the blueberry next😊 as I have heard others say it was their fav too💙😊💙

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      • We get about 60 gallons of blueberries off our bushes each year. I make blueberry jam all the time. Blueberry cake is good too.

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      • Thanks Peggy😊, as blueberry has recently become a favorite of mine with its wonderful health benefits, I will be making the jam and possibly the cake too and experimenting with more recipes involving blueberries. What a blessing!…60 gallons wow!

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    • Thanks Caz, that is my kitchen I had for
      23 years😊. I made
      the jam yesterday and will make
      The tabouli today. It is basically a finally chopped salad, cucumber, green onion, cherry tomatoes, garlic, mint, etc all
      finely diced with quinoa.

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