I Accept

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I have finally reached the point of ACCEPTANCE. Acceptance of the way things are that I have no control over. Acceptance of health I have or don’t have, acceptance that, if I don’t accept things and start preserving my health, I really can’t move on to where I want and need to be. I must accept the physical limitations to reach where I have always wanted to be. This stage…I call, my journey home. Home to the life I have always dreamed of and where I feel free to be me. It will accompany the 3rd Act we are now living here in the country. My life has been a very blessed one so far but I tend to try to do more physically than is healthy for me. I had always pushed hard because anything less than that would be, to me, failure.

Years ago, I remember reading a story about a man who was well along into living his life. He had just been accepted to medical school and on the evening of the second day of classes, he was at the pool with friends and did a high dive off the diving board. His life changed in an instant. Little did he know as he was experiencing that feeling of exhilaration in a free fall dive in to the water that he would not come back up on his own. The dive broke his neck and left him paralyzed from the waist down with only limited use of his hands and arms. His story could have ended there but it didn’t as Charles Krauthammer persevered and would go on to graduate with his original Harvard Medical School class and become chief resident in his final year of residency. He graduated as a psychiatrist and went on to discover a mental illness related to bipolar disorder, but a secondary disorder that could eventually signal dementia in older adults. His discovery in this area led him the following year to delve into the epidemiology of bipolar disorder and this published research actually launched his career into psychiatric research and landed him in Washington, D.C. to work with the Carter administration. At that time, he began to pen essays that got him the attention that would later build his career as a political columnist. His famous words as a person and as a psychiatrist are what resonate with me each and every time I start to feel down about the things I can’t do right now.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer, columnist
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His words regarding his accident…”my one bad break.” Overall, I’ve been dealt a pretty good hand.” “I have given what happened 100% ACCEPTANCE”…”All it means is whatever I do is a little bit harder and a little bit slower,: and that’s basically it…everybody has their cross to bear…everybody.” He also said “I made a vow when I was injured that it would never be what would characterize my life.”

His words speak to my heart and remind me to remember the lessons learned. Always be grateful for what you have, find solutions for a great life within your circumstances, create a focus that makes a positive impact on the world, let your voice be heard, and always strive for the dreams you are wanting to achieve.

So, if I seem to be a bit more scarce these days it is that I am picking, choosing, and being selective in the activities I choose to be a part of. I know that I cannot keep physically pushing hard like I have been doing and so I am now choosing to “do the things I can and forget about the things that I can’t” do or would be too much for me. So, please do not feel neglected and feel free to reach out to me if I haven’t reached out to you in a while. Hugs to all <3, have a wonderful and love filled day ❤

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  1. This is an incredibly healthy attitude to have! Related to this is the idea of contentment vs happiness. Accepting your life and yourself as is – good and bad – will lead you to the path of being truly content with your life, regardless of whether or not you are happy at any given time.

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    • Ah yes, I do feel
      the contentment but I had made it conditional. Now, it will become a constant. Thanks for the words of wisdom and the affirmation of the healthy attitude. It’s where I want to be.💜

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  2. I sat here reading this post – telling myself the entire time – this is me. I push too hard – pay for doing so – and know I need to slow down. It is hard to sit on the sidelines and learn to slow down. I have to pick what I can accomplish in a day and let the rest go. I have thought of you when I see you have not posted in awhile, but I realize it is for health reasons. Age slows us down, but we learn to work around the physical handicaps and still have a good productive life. Hugs and love to you.

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    • Thank you Peggy💕 and thanks too for the thoughts. I do believe it’s our zest for life that keeps us pushing to hard. I have such a passion for doing things. I do hope you can ‘slow’ a bit and pick and choose the most important. Yes we do learn to work around our handicaps and have productive and happy and fun lives. 💕💗💞 hugs to you too!

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  3. Take a break, if you want. I also found to just roll with things recently I had a situation I wanted, and it never happened, it had me all stressed, all anxiety over it, but turns out – after I just stopped – backed off – I am taking all that time to use for myself. I am more rested, more fulfilled and the entire situation is accepted.

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  4. Charles was a favorite of mine to watch on the news programs. Did you know he also learned to drive and had his own vehicle that he drove himself not only to work but also the Washington Nationals baseball park! He was an amazing man! He’s an absolutely great role model!🌞😉☺😁👍

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  5. Didn’t know that about Krauthammer; thank you for that background. It’s such a healthy outlook you’ve described– I, as well, can’t do what I once could, but I have had to learn that life doesn’t have to be over. It just needs to be different, and that’s okay. Wishing you and yours all God’s blessings. Is that storm that’s hit Texas affecting you at all? Hope you’re high and dry– Mike

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    • Thanks Mike, I appreciate that. I know what you are saying but my situation is a little different. My life is far from over I just need to make some more adjustments to manage the health stuff I was born with. I am so used to hosting, planning, and running things but I’m not able
      To do it anymore. Takes to much out of me😊 so i need to change my plans. We are good with the weather. I hope it doesn’t get much worse for the Houston area. Thanks for the blessings. Wishing you the same. Btw…I just found out from another blogger that Charles Krauthammer wrote a book near the end of his life called the Point Of It All. Thought you might like to know about it.

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  6. Acceptance is a tough challenge, especially when it’s a personal life-changer. Kudos to you for your strength and wisdom to be able to move forward now with your life’s present chapter. I am not sure I can fully say I’ve ‘accepted’ mine, but I am working on it. Your post is perfect timing for me, Diane, thank you. Hugs and prayers for you!

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  7. You are way too hard on yourself my friend.. I think you have done well keep pushing through.. I miss our talks been a bit busy myself .. and doing what I need to make me happy as well. Hugs❤️

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