The Stories In Our Town

There is this woman who works the farm and ranch right across from our city hall. I have seen this woman out multiple times over the few years that we have lived here working her land and I have often wondered about the life she lives when I see her on the huge hay thrasher that tends to dwarf her five foot petite frame. What brought this 50 something woman with a long blond ponytail and a hat to shade her eyes to live this life. As I drive in to town, I see her harvesting her hay or using some other piece of farming equipment and sometimes see her near the corral where her gray stallion and the other beautiful horses gallop around and, I wonder, what’s the story here. Is she there working the land and managing her horses alone or is there an entire family in that big house on the hill?

I mentioned my curiosity about her at a party on Sunday night and many of the long time residents of our little town filled in the blanks for me. She has lived there for many, many years and has grown and harvested the hay for as long as they remember. It is her farm and ranch. She also enters competitions for her hay and raises it for that purpose and to sell it.

Now, with my new knowledge, my thoughts of her interesting life are of me wondering if she knows the pleasure and the joy she gives others simply by doing what she is most passionate about. When the land is a bright green color, it is breathtaking to see. I think the reason she intrigues me so much is because she chose a path not often taken, a path that brought her out in nature and a path that brings joy to herself and to others.

I have also learned many a lesson from her over the couple of years we have been here. Here are a few snippets…do what you love, keep a strong work ethic as the rewards are great, think out of the box…who knew there was a competition for hay? :-), and the big one…you can do anything you set your mind to doing.

Have a wonderful rest of the week! And, may you find the things you want to do in life and have the courage to do them!

15 Comments on “The Stories In Our Town

  1. I have learned in the last few years that there are more and more women getting interested in farm work and gardening. And they are good at it. If they like it, why not. This story is very inspirational to me. I would like to meet her.

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  2. Loved this story. Admire your neighbor and her hard work ethics. I know a woman who works and lives just as this woman does – a small woman that daily works like a man. Her husband became ill and died and she had to continue on their farm alone. Nice post Diane.

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    • Thanks Peggy, I did too and she inspired me. I think that is why I was curious about her life. You said it well…”daily works like a man”. It’s amazing what people can do when they have to…the woman you know had to step up and continue on. How many times have we all had to do that in different ways in life? I know I have quite a few times. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a wonderful day!

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      • Yes, we do have to step up in life and take the role of leader. I did that when I cared for my husband and brother both at the same time during their illnesses. Have a wonderful day too Diane.

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