The Triangle In The Sky

The photo above is of “the spooky tree” given it’s name by one of our trick or treaters…It’s a decades old oak tree that sits at the beginning of our driveway

On Saturday night in our little town in one of the little neighborhoods on the Peninsula, we celebrated Halloween. It’s a really big event for our little town of 3,800 people. We start celebrating on the Saturday before Halloween with a festival in the afternoon and at dusk on that evening, the roads light up with decorated golf carts and hayrides, many originating at the festival and making their way from house to house. Then, on Halloween, our ladies group in our town host a trunk or treat event at city hall with our one elementary school hosting it’s trunk or treat in between these two happenings. Everyone has a wonderful time and its a great time to meet any newcomers that have moved in during the year.

Each year, we sit out and hand out candy, visit with neighbors we haven’t seen in a while and ooh and aah over the cute costumes and the decorated carts and trailers. This year was no different. We had over 150 kids of all ages and many parents walk up our driveway to trick or treat.


We live in a designated low light area and with that we can look up at the night sky and see meteors, shooting stars, and a magnitude of stars gracing the clear night sky. The darkness as well, provides a wonderful place for the night creatures to live and serenade us with their beautiful sounds. Saturday night was no different, once all the festivities were done, we sat out around the firepit and looked up at the night sky.


It was beautiful and clear and filled with stars. There were three stars in the shape of a triangle that caught my attention that night and I am not sure why I never noticed them before.

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I love ‘all things sky’ and we raised our children to have an appreciation of the stars, the moon, the constellations and planets, and the meteors. We tend to be a bit fanatical about it sometimes and it’s not uncommon for us wake up really early or go out really, really late at night to experience a night sky phenomena. Saturday night did not disappoint. It was a very dark night, so dark that earlier we had worried about the ‘trick or treaters’ making their way up our driveway safely. As we sat surrounded by the darkness with only the fire lighting our night, we had an amazing view of many stars and a few planets and so that triangle grabbed my attention on that cool, crisp night.

We discovered that even though it is the end of October, we were still seeing what is known as the summer triangle. There are three stars that make up the summer triangle and each star is from a different constellation. Each of these three stars(Vega, Deneb, and Altair) has the distinction of being the brightest star in their respective constellation.


My lesson learned on Saturday night…I now look to the sky with a new perspective. I remember to look for shapes just as I do when it is daytime and I am spending a little time doing some cloud watching…one of my favorite past-times. The sky is one of my ‘happy places’ during the day and also at night. Do you enjoy the night sky?

Have a wonderful and blessed Tuesday and if you happen to have a clear sky tonight, go check out the stars and if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, see if you can spot the triangle 🙂 and when you do, you might get an added bonus and find the milky way. What do you look for when you look up into the night sky?

25 Comments on “The Triangle In The Sky

  1. A wonderful – beautiful post. Such a nice way to celebrate Halloween. I love the sky, the stars, the clouds, just everything the sky does. I loved the photo of your tree. I am up before dawn every morning and often venture into the yard to view the stars.

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  2. Love the night sky. How lucky are u to see it that clearly? My dad taught me about the big and little dippers so I search for them first. I also recently downloaded the Sky guide app, to help learn some new constellations. And seeing a shooting star is also a wonderful experience. I like clouds too….I still like searching for shapes 🙂

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  3. Your early Halloween sounds like a wonderful way to foster a sense of community. And your nighttime sky is absolutely beautiful. It’s snowing right now, so I won’t be able to see the summer triangle, but I will look for after this winter storm moves through.

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