Last Week Was National Kindness Day ♥️ It Was Also Red Cardigan Day…If Ever There Was A Time…

If ever there was a time…it is now to…say a kind word, give a helping hand, show gratitude to another for the impact they have had on you, build community one act at a time. There are so many ways to show kindness to each other. I believe that every day needs to be World Kindness Day.

There are so many people out there that are spokespersons for kindness and Mister Rogers was one of them. He was/is famous not only for his ‘signature’ cardigans but for his words of wisdom about kindness. But is wasn’t just kindness that Mister Rogers exemplified. He taught children how to ‘do life’.

My hubby grew up in Pittsburgh and there, Mister Rogers was an icon. He even had a part of Idyllwild park, an amusement park nearby, dedicated to his show. We visited the park when we were visiting relatives near Pittsburgh. It was a ‘come alive’ life size experience visiting all the parts of Mister Rogers’ neighborhood. He was a member of the community in Pittsburgh and was well known, in real life, for his goodness. It is hearts like his that we need most in this world.

Have you ever had that experience when someone does something nice for you and it gives you that ‘pick me up’ sort of feeling. Many children got that feeling by watching his show. They walked away from his show feeling loved, empowered, and understood. On his show, he talked about how we are all neighbors and we may disagree sometimes but we can still be kind and nice to each other and try to understand each other.

Personally, there are some days I feel so drained by the messages from our world…the negative things that occur regularly…the anger, the fear, the meanness towards each other…but, then, someone counters that by showing a kindness or shows they care and it gives me energy and hope and a much lighter feeling to continue my day. For me, it doesn’t even have to be a kindness shown to me, I only need to see it or hear about it and it’s a ‘pick me upper.’ Surely, most everyone else receives a similar feeling when someone is kind toward them. I think that is what Mister Rogers was about. He was all about providing the comfort, the healing, the caring, the love, the hope, and the understanding. He wanted everyone to feel valued and loved. He was bold enough to talk about feelings and life. He didn’t want people, especially children to feel sad, hurt, or scared but, if they did, he wanted them to know that they were not alone and that this world is packed full of good…we just need to look for it and provide it when it was missing.

“Look for the helpers”, his mother would say. This quote resonates with me. They are the ones that make this world what it is. They tend to us when we are in trauma, in struggles, when we are hurting, when we are scared, when we are lost…and need someone to throw us a lifeline. I wonder if he knew that he was one of those ‘helpers’?

We all struggle at some point in our lives. We either walk through valleys and steadily climb the mountains of life or we are somewhere in between or we get ‘stuck’ in one of those journeys and need a helping hand to pull ourselves out. Receiving help from another can make all the difference to someone. And, the touch or a kind act from someone can do wonders for our hearts and souls too and isn’t that the end goal anyway…to help someone feel better, make their life a little easier, and to show we care? You know…to be a “mister rogers.” 🙂

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Having been on both the giving and the receiving ends of kindness, I know that I am blessed both ways. It’s obvious that others doing an act of kindness for us blesses us and that is wonderful but, when we do an act of kindness for others, it does something for us too. It makes us feel good and changes our frame of mind and that too is a blessing.

Years ago, we had an elderly neighbor named Vera who lived next door. Everyday there was a knock on the door with her asking for help to open a jar or some other task that proved too much for her.

In the end though, I realized that she showed much more kindness to me then I ever could have given her and I am forever grateful for her presence in my life, the times she ‘needed’ me, the ‘tons’ of advice she gave me, being a ‘local grandma’ to my daughter, making my daughter a beautiful crocheted purple and white blanket that she still has, and sharing with me stories of her life. She truly brightened my life during a very difficult time. She was a wonderful neighbor. What started as one act of kindness that she requested from me turned into being a gift for both of us. Just imagine what we can do if we each show kindness to others everyday.

Lesson learned…the power of kindness, the power of caring…can change one person’s world and can change the whole world for us all if we all participate not just in World Kindness Day and Red Cardigan Day when they roll around but in showing KINDNESS everyday🌎

My hope for you is that someone has brightened your life by reaching out to show you a kindness today💚🌎💚

I am so thankful for the life of Mister Rogers…be sure to catch his story in “It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood” in theaters November 22.

13 Comments on “Last Week Was National Kindness Day ♥️ It Was Also Red Cardigan Day…If Ever There Was A Time…”

  1. I cannot wait to see this movie. I watched him when I was a little. He definitely had a calming effect on me and always gave me food for thought. I ❤️ him!!


  2. This is such a wonderful post. The stories on the news that I love are the stories of love and triumph, I think they should show more good news than bad news. Love and kindness and helping others is what we need more of in this world. We all need to be more like Mr. Rogers.

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    • Thanks Peggy, I appreciate your comments and your thoughts. It sure would be lovely if they would share those stories of love and triumph just as much as they share the other news and share them first And last in their segments so that people get a good helping of helping others and feel good about it💞🌸💞

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  3. Loving the post! The us vs. them mentality that is so pervasive these days must end, period. Fred Rogers would have much to say, I would think, on how we must get along better. Instead of shaking a fist or pointing an accusing finger, we will get far more done with an opponent by extending a hand. We all are neighbors– Mike

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