The Day Off

Photo credit goes to my daughter

I recently heard a speaker talk about the importance of taking a day off. As he spoke, I thought, hey, I’m all in!

I am one of those people that consistently thinks about what to do next, you know, what else needs to be done. I like to accomplish things and keep things organized and planned but I am resilient enough to change things up quickly when needed. Yet, I didn’t apply my thinking to ‘taking a day off’ unless it was a vacation that we were planning for. But…the way I see it…every week taking a day, well that’s a lot of time to have ‘off’.

My parents, on the other hand, took their day off seriously. I didn’t recognize it as such until I listened to this speaker. My Mom and Dad took Sundays off. I remember Sundays growing up and right after church we would come home, have breakfast and for the rest of the day the music from the stereo console would be playing and the family would be reading the Sunday paper, reading books, or playing or gardening outside or we went on an adventure. It was a day to do what we wanted to do…a day to relax and enjoy life more.

It was a day that was intentionally set so we could slow down, relax and just be a family.

I can remember that Sundays were one of the few times I would see my Mom stop and enjoy some down time while Sunday dinner was cooking in the oven. She would sit and read the paper or in later years, sit in the living room and listen to gospel music blaring from the console. It was then that I saw the ‘real her’. I saw the person and not just the mom, the wife, the career woman during the years she ran the family business. She rested and did the things she liked doing. On some of those days off, they would change it up a bit and take us on an adventure and exploring. I do believe that ALL Of us got our sense of adventure from these experiences. If we weren’t reading about places, we were experiencing them first hand.

Photo credits go to my dad who took the pictures and to my brother who gathered all these photos from our childhood and made them available to all his brothers and sisters

As years went on and I became an adult and started a family of my own, we were much better at intentionally setting time to rest, relax and have adventures when the kids were growing up. We took Sundays off too and went on adventures and would take the Sunday drives and go exploring but since we have moved out to our beautiful country life…most days have seemed more filled with adventure and joy and fun and so we have gotten lazy about intentionally planning a day off.

After I heard him speak, I realized I wanted it back. I wanted to embrace the outdoors and the world around me more than I had been doing and so I proclaimed that from here on in Sundays were now our day off😊. Hubby seemed a bit surprised but he knows that when I have one of those ‘lessons learned’ moments, it’s best to just go with it and enjoy it for what it is and so he grabbed his keys this past Sunday and the one before that and we went on an adventure. The best things can happen when you take a day off😊!

And, this is what we got to experience.

Photo credit goes to my daughter
Photo credit goes to my daughter

Have a wonderful and blessed Tuesday and Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate🧡💚💛🧡💚

20 Comments on “The Day Off

  1. Time off from our daily routines is very important to our well being. No matter how busy I used to be at work, I would always make an effort to make a break with work, even if it was simply to play hooky in the afternoon and go for a hike in the river valley with my wife. There was something delicious about these simple little breaks. At first, I would feel guilty, but I quickly got over it. We still go for these walks when we can, only now, we are taking our break from retirement. Thanks for sharing. Allan

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      • Hi Diane,
        I have noticed that I don’t receive your replies to my comments, but I have to go back to your post to see your response. Not sure if other people are experiencing this, but it might be a question of your settings. Just thought I would let you know.
        Thank you,

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      • Hi Tanja, thanks for telling me. I had no idea. I will check into it. I am afraid I have been neglecting my blog just a bit lately. I plan to remedy that and the time is getting closer that I can. I miss seeing and reading everyone’s blogs. Hope all is well with you💞

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      • Hi Tanja, you commented on my latest post and I went to reply to it and it disappeared…eek! not sure what is happening with the likes and comments lately but wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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      • Sometimes technology seems to have a mind of its own! Sorry for the difficulties.
        I appreciate the good wishes, Diane, and I wish you and your family the same.


  2. Oh, what a great post. I enjoyed this so much. We always take a day off and everyone should do this. It makes life so much more enjoyable. The photos were wonderful. Thanks for sharing your day off.

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