For The Love Of Small Towns

Since this past week, I have been noticing so many wonderful things about our small town. Not only does it have a quaint and cozy atmosphere where neighbors wave as they pass each other while driving to and from places but it has at its core, what I like to call, the heartbeat of our town. It’s these people, many long time residents who volunteer their time to sit on city boards and be a part of the city government. It is those same people that take care of all of us by keeping our little town as country as it can be and it is their voices that make things happen here for all of us. It is these same people who plan and organize all of our community events like the next one coming up called Winterfest. Being a town of less than 5,000 people, we have the luxury of slowing down and enjoying our country and lake life and we have the heartbeat of our town and our first responders to thank for all of it. I stopped by City Hall today to drop tins of Christmas cookies to our city staff. All this week, the ladies club has volunteered to bake up the treats and deliver them.

You would think that I had done a good act but it was the reception I received there that was the good action. They came and held the door for me as a maneuvered my way in carrying bags, on each of my crutches, that were filled with tins of cookies that balanced me out as I walked 🙂 The smiles and well wishes were there too. Just as they always are every time I enter the building. I always go away feeling as if I was the one uplifted. It is such a treat to encounter people that want to be of help and service. It is a gift that brightens my day. I feel so blessed and thankful for all of them.

One of the most important parts of our small town is our city park and our boat ramp and dock. The ‘heartbeat’ of our city has made it a priority to repair and replace anything that is needed in each of these places all for the enjoyment of others.

The ‘heartbeat’ tirelessly takes care of all things so that we can focus on our own land, homes, and lives. They are the core of our community and from them we build outwardly each of us doing our own small part to make our town a wonderful place to live.

Here is my ‘lesson learned’. I have learned a valuable lesson today…a lesson called ‘simple it down’…I did something so simple and while I enjoyed doing it, it meant alot to someone else who in turn made me feel good. I also learned to slow down and feel the gratitude of what others do for us and the kindness and care they do daily to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

Have a wonderful rest of your week and my hope for you is that you are blessed by kindness and care everywhere you go☀️💗☀️

9 Comments on “For The Love Of Small Towns

  1. I live in the country near a small town and I understand how you feel. There are so many wonderful people in the world – if we just look. Everyone loves to have homemade cookies. Each year my daughter and granddaughter bake cookies for the teachers at school. I think slowing down and enjoying life more is a good idea. The world needs more compassion. love. and kindness.

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