Chasing The Sunset

Martin Luther King…”Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that, Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that”

Peace, Hope, Love are three things that stand out to us today as we celebrate Martin Luther King’s legacy. I see peace, hope, and love every time I see a beautiful sunset or glorious green mountains, grass, and farmland, beautiful bodies of water, trees that have stood the test of time, and all the beautiful creations around us. I see it in each person that does a kind deed and shows others love and respect.

My lessons learned today is grab all the moments, take the adventure, find the peace, the joy, the love and MOST OF ALL…the HOPE for a better world.

A reflection of the light on the pond

The entrance to our little ‘neck of the woods’
Entrance to our ‘little neck of the woods’
The main road
The Beginning of the Glorious Painted Sky
The Beginning of the Glorious Painted Sky
The Main Road
Lake Life
Lake Life
Beauty Over the Lake
Beauty Over the Lake
Beauty Over the Lake
Glorious Colors
Peaceful and Serene
Through the Trees
Through the Trees

Have a beautiful, love filled, and peaceful day ❤ ❤ ❤

25 Comments on “Chasing The Sunset

  1. BEAUTIFUL Diane. You have out done yourself with all the wonderful pictures of sunsets. Hope, Peace, and Love is what enters my mind when I see such colorful skies, It is Martin Luther King Day and we should all remember a man who Hoped for racial equality, wanted Peace, and showed love to everyone.

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    • Thank you Peggy. I can only take the credit for capturing it😊 so true on Martin Luther King…he left behind a great legacy. Now if we all could just follow his teachings this world of ours would be a much more loving and kind place.

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