National Pie Day and Southern Hospitality… Serving all ‘Nine Kinds of Pies’

One of my favorites restaurants in Texas will be celebrating National Pie Day today. It is always a huge celebration and people wait for hours just to be a part of it. They celebrate by giving away a slice of pie to each patron. This restaurant has been around for over sixty years and they are known for their pies. Actually, nine different kinds of pies and a whole menu of good ole southern cooking.

Not only are they famous for their pies and their southern cooking but also for their wonderful service.

Their wonderful pies remind me of Crockett Johnson’s children’s book Harold and the Purple Crayon and the nine pies he liked best In one segment of the story, he drew them as he was walking around creating adventures with his purple crayon.

When my son came to visit a couple of weeks back, we drove in to town to pick up something he had ordered for his apartment and I went with him and told him I would take him to lunch. He and I have some very fond memories of going to this restaurant and both my kids have wonderful memories of reading Harold and the Purple Crayon when they were little and coming up with different adventures.

And, so, of course, it was only fitting that we ended up at there on a rainy, cold day. The minute we walked in we felt warm…not just from getting in out of the cold but because of the welcome we received in the already crowded restaurant and the southern hospitality that would soon follow.

My son noticed it first. Our server started with a table near us and was having a friendly conversation with the men coming in for a quick lunch before getting back to repairing the street. She moved on to a table near us and she sat down with the woman dining alone and chatted for a few seconds. She then helped her read her medication bottle. Just beyond that table was another table with two guests…one, a young man using a cane and the other a middle aged woman wearing noise cancelling headphones. Our server did the same with them…took a minute out of her busy day to show some kindness and care to them and sat and talked with them. At the table just across from us, first were a group of older women and one man. When they finished, our server brought his walker to him. The next group that sat down was a older man and a woman. The woman look disheveled but her spirit was so bright and cheerful and she seemed full of life. Again, our server sat down with them for a bit and chatted looking ‘beyond’ this woman’s outward appearance and seeing the person within. She was laughing with them and enjoying their company just as much as they seemed to enjoy hers. Her kindness towards all she served, including my son and I, was really out of the ordinary and much appreciated by all of us.She was showing us all that southern hospitality that I have come to know and love about living here.

Have a wonderful day celebrating National Pie Day today, eating some delicious pie, and spending time with the ones you love

Lesson learned: Remember to keep making those memories and finding all the acts of kindness, actions of love and caring, the hospitality from others, and all the joy you can in your daily lives. And, remember…

16 Comments on “National Pie Day and Southern Hospitality… Serving all ‘Nine Kinds of Pies’

  1. My friend gave me a recipe for no bake Snicker cheesecake pie. I added peanut butter and it is SOOOO good and easy. 1 graham cracker crust, I package cream cheese, 1 container cool whip, 1 cup powdered sugar and about 1/2 cup peanut butter, beat till smooth and pour into crust, decorate with chopped Snickers or Reese’s peanut butter cups. So yummy. I usually double e recipe and take one pie to my local fire station. 👍

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    • I love that you take the extra pie to your local fire station😊Our town does something similar to that. We bake cookies for them and take them lunch once a month and do a feast for them around the holidays.


  2. That sounds like an amazing restaurant, Diane. If everybody spread a smile and some supportive words, everybody would be much better off.
    I missed National Pie day, but I think I can use it as an excuse to get some pie a few days late?! 😊

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  3. Love these kinds of restaurants and the pie they serve. I find them most often in small towns. Only one thing was missing in this post–a link for the restaurant you wrote about. Others might want to visit them. Plus, the restaurant owner(s) might appreciate it.

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