When There IS Love

When there is love…there is joy, there is happiness, and there is peace. Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. People actively and passionately find ways to let others know how much they are loved. Many people think that it is a couples holiday but it really isn’t just that. It was one of my favorite holidays even before I was part of a ‘couple’.

When i was growing up, I would see splashes of love every Valentine’s Day and more importantly, on other days as well. My Dad would bring in a bouquet of flowers from the backyard and give them to my Mom. She would love this gesture and her face lit up when she saw them. He would plant sweet peas, roses, and so many other beautifully colored flowers and bring them in to brighten her days.

It was one of the many ways, he would tell her he loved her. There are so many ways to say "I love you" to someone. Bringing someone a coffee or tea, fixing a nice meal, sitting together on the patio, with drink in hand, and a listening ear, giving someone a blanket when they are cold, offering to put gas in someone's car, baking a nice treat, planning an activity or outing for them to experience, sending a love filled text, picking up the phone and calling them, reminding someone of all their talents, gifts, and characteristics that make them unique and wonderful, and yes, planting flowers so that you can surprise them throughout the year. We do so many of these throughout our year and isn't that what Valentine's Day is about...to remind us to celebrate the ones we love and to remind us to celebrate them all year long. 

For as many as I have named here, there are a hundred more ways to let someone know they matter to you. The important thing is to do as the author of Fill Your Bucket, Carol McCloud says, “Be a bucket filler” by giving, sharing, caring, showing kindness, and appreciation…showing someone how much we love them, how much we care, and how much we appreciate them not only brings them happiness but also feelings of being loved.

Lessons learned…giving, sharing, caring, showing kindness and appreciating are all actions of love that bring happiness to both the giver and the receiver and isn’t it so important that we all feel love…not just on Valentine’s Day but on every day?

Any time is the perfect time to show someone we care ❤ ❤ ❤

21 Comments on “When There IS Love

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  2. This is a lovely post. Valentines Day always brings back happy memories for me. Showing love all year long is so important. I got on facebook messenger yesterday and sent 12 ladies from church wishes for a Happy Valentines Day and pictures of old fashion cards from the 1950s. They ladies all responded with love. Brought me joy. Happy belated Valentines Day Diane.

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    • Peggy, I love that idea…sending the old fashioned cards to friends. I did something similar. I sent pictures of flowers and pictures of hearts with a wish for a Happy Valentine’s Day to family and friends and, it did the same for me…brought me joy. I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and I am wishing you a love filled weekend!

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      • Thanks Diane. Sounds like you and I had the same idea of sending pictures of some sort to friends on Valentines Day. Great minds think a like. Ha Ha

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