Finding Colors and Soothing Our Souls

Note: When I published my last post, I had planned to get in the routine of publishing once a week. It never happened. That can happen sometimes. Life took a different twist as it did for many people and all my focus went to all that was happening here. It is now four months later, we are still isolating a bit and did throughout the last four months. We have been getting out and exploring small towns, our lake, farms, and other places where there are few people. Each time we have ventured out, we have had a purpose in mind. The purpose was to nurture our stressed souls and to find soothing beauty while we explored. It has been a success. We have some wonderful memories doing things we would never have even thought about doing and most were within an hour or two of our little town.

The next few posts from Life On The Patio will be a glimpse of how we’ve not only survived and the fun we have had, but also the way we have coped with the self imposed isolating due to our reduced immunity. I have been taking a lot more pictures these days and I am finding that it’s been really good to have the reminders of how beautiful life can be instead of how constraining it feels.

The one ‘constant’ through all this is that we have found we have had to be resilient. The normal summer activities have fallen away, for the most part, and in their place have been some new surprises that actually pulled us out of rut or a ‘stuck in routine’ mode and made life in general much more exciting.

By May, Mother’s Day to be exact, we were not only getting cabin fever but we were definitely in a rut. We discovered that not far from us was a lavender farm. My mood brightened up as I knew not only would we get a chance to be outdoors among beautiful colors and scents but it would give us something to celebrate during stressful and scary times. I am very big on holidays and entertaining but we have all had to put a hold on celebrating, being together, and creating beautiful themed tables and meals. It has been so hard.

Fast forward to driving up to the lavender farm. We were very surprised when we arrived and found only a small amount of people making it quite easy for us to escape the confines of our car and celebrate Mother’s Day just a little differently.

The same thing happened when we arrived at the Sunflower Farm and that, in turn, led us to see a sign that would lead us on our next adventure and discovery. We emerged refreshed, excited and with a renewed sense of hope and strength that we could turn any hard situation into a really good one if we just tried a little harder and kept an open mind.

The beautiful colors of the flowers at the lavender farm
Isn’t she a beauty…standing out among all others reminding us to do the same. Use your beauty and your gifts to stand out and provide comfort, peace, and happiness to others
So many beautiful flowers
Another color ‘find’…we happened to be at the lake at sunset and captured this beautiful sky hanging around our new boat ramp
So many beautiful colors to see and ‘soak up’ the visual memory
This one smelled as beautiful as it looks
country life and the gorgeous colors of green to refresh our souls
gorgeous colors everywhere
What a wonderful treat to see the colors in the sky and on the water
I love the hibiscus flower
So very pretty
One of my favorite places and a wonderful way to see the contrast of the blues

Lesson learned: be open to doing something new especially if it is suggested by another. Those are fresh ideas and experiences and it keeps us all full of life and gives us a new sense of adventure and discovery.

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