Summer At The Lake

Today I will start out with the lessons learned part of my blog instead of ending with it😎

Lessons learned: slow down, seek patience, seek out the solitude, seek out beauty, a new adventure, or a fresh start. The stress will always be there lurking about but when we balance it with things that rejuvenate us, we can survive and overcome the scariness and unpredictability of this world.

As I write this, we are being blessed by a bountiful rain, the pool is overflowing, the yard and the streets are flooding and the culverts will be full very soon if it continues. Rain is in the forecast for every day this week so there will be no taking the boat out, no swimming, and no outdoor activities here at the lake. When we are not working, it will be movies, reading, board games, cooking and baking, drawing and painting, and sitting on the patio with a drink while watching the rain come down. It’s a time to be resilient and find ways indoors to enjoy life.

I can’t gloss over though the beauty of the rain, the beauty in this quiet moment hearing only the downpour of the rain outside. Even the birds have gone silent for now. Silence when in the presence of beauty somehow restores us, heals us, and washes away the dirt and the dust to bring a fresh new beginning.

Since we wont be doing lake time, I thought I would take this blog to reminisce about it and the joy it brings us. Every time we launch the boat from the dock and set off into the lake water, I feel my soul beginning to heal, the dirt and dust being washed away and the hurriedness of life jumping out and rushing back to the shore while I breathe and watch the beauty before me. Each time the boat leaves the dock, we are given a promise of seeing and experiencing something new. The only requirement is that we slow down enough to accept it and experience it.

We did a lot of that this past summer. We mostly were either isolating at home, exploring nearby towns by car, or isolating in the water.

We were very blessed that we had access to places where we could still isolate.

Some days we were met with still waters and other days we had winds and waves.

But each day of this past summer on the lake brought us much needed peace, a new experience, and many beautiful visual memories.

This is on the shore of a Christian camp across the lake from us
This is one of the marinas that we slowed down and drove through on the boat
Here, we were on the shore near where we launch our boat
At the dock
Can you see him? This was taken just before he took off in flight. It is the same blue heron that is seen in my featured image on this blog.
One of my favorite places…the cove near us
Sunsets and the big Texas sky
Photos by Melanie – posting with permission
August Sunset
Photos by Melanie – posting with permission

My hope for you is that you have peaceful and beautiful places all around you to re-energize and soak up the beauty in our world and that your stresses are few💚💚💙💙💚

12 Comments on “Summer At The Lake

  1. Hey Diane! I believe I’m departing from the blog world. At least for a long while. Just wanted to tell you that you’re an awesome friend and I have appreciated your friendship!

    Hang in there ma’am!


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