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Top It Off Tuesday! My neighbor had a funny story she told at a recent party we were at that depicts this life we live out here. She said the other day she walked out to get her mail and from the minute she…

TODAY is Winnie The Pooh Day🧡Celebrating A.A. Milne’s Birthday

In honor of Winnie The Pooh Day, I am posting some of his more famous quotes. Enjoy! Our family have always been Winnie The Pooh fans. I love how he covers all the most important things in life…love, gratitude, friendship, adventures, celebrations, doing nothing,…


As I sit on my patio writing this, I hear the birds in the distance, a quiet, gentle breeze dancing through the trees, and a hummingbird fluttering above my head and my heart REJOICES. This morning I woke to an owl outside my bedroom…

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