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‘To Be Nobody But Yourself’

Now, that is life and in my opinion the only way to live it. There’s this really good Volvo commercial that talks about being ‘nobody but yourself. Life seems to just work when you are yourself. It’s so much better not to have a… Continue Reading “‘To Be Nobody But Yourself’”

What’s Her ‘Story’?

Brene’ Brown, researcher, storyteller, and fellow Texan says: “You will walk inside your story and own it or you will stand outside of it and hustle for your worthiness.” No one should ever feel as if they are not worthy of the life they… Continue Reading “What’s Her ‘Story’?”

“Writing Our Own Story”

One of my favorite authors, Brene Brown, writes in her book Rising Strong, about having the courage and the tenacity to be responsible and in charge of our own stories. Will we play an active role in scripting it out or will we give… Continue Reading ““Writing Our Own Story””

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