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Come Alive! Springing Into Color…

Queenie (our largest hummingbird) has returned. She came right up to our patio window to say hi, stayed for a few seconds and then fluttered off. She came so close to the door it was if she was saying I’ve been away a very…

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life ~Bertrand Auerbach~

Whenever I find myself in need of peace, I do two things…find some music that reaches my soul and spend time absorbing all
things beautiful in nature.

The Colors In Our World

This is the painted bunting bird. We have the pleasure to see one of these birds in our yard almost on a daily basis. The bright skies, beautiful and colorful songbirds, the colors of the seasons, the many hues that we see when we…

The Moments in Our Lives

The moments in our lives make the memories

And, so it is… .a time to live, a time to hope, and a time for resilience

Most prevalent in my thoughts tonight is that Fall is in the air. In Texas, apple cider and pumpkins are showing up in the grocery stores and the sun is setting earlier now.  While Fall may be a date on the calendar, it doesn’t…

To Be KIND……

One KIND word or action can change someone’s day.  One of the most important actions in this world is showing someone you care, showing them support, and respect. By being KIND, we have the opportunity to say, ‘hey, I want to make your life…

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