It has been a long (almost) five months since we started isolating but as I look back, I have seen the way we have lived it, survived it, and many times, even loved it. One of our trips out, we went to the National… Continue Reading “ON THE ROAD AGAIN…”


It has been a little over 5 and a half weeks now that we have been sheltering in place. As with anyone who deals with a chronic illness, reduced immunity, or those who are medically fragile, we began our ‘shelter in place’ a full… Continue Reading “WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD…WAYS TO SURVIVE “SHELTERING IN PLACE””

The Forgotten Joys of Life

Update: our hummingbirds have returned! If there is something to remember during this pandemic that we are all facing right now, it’s that we have slowed down enough to appreciate the little things life offers. On Saturday morning, I made crepes…first time ever but… Continue Reading “The Forgotten Joys of Life”

National Pie Day and Southern Hospitality… Serving all ‘Nine Kinds of Pies’

One of my favorites restaurants in Texas will be celebrating National Pie Day today. It is always a huge celebration and people wait for hours just to be a part of it. They celebrate by giving away a slice of pie to each patron.… Continue Reading “National Pie Day and Southern Hospitality… Serving all ‘Nine Kinds of Pies’”

Chasing The Sunset

Martin Luther King…”Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that, Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that” Peace, Hope, Love are three things that stand out to us today as we celebrate Martin Luther King’s legacy. I see peace,… Continue Reading “Chasing The Sunset”

For The Love Of Small Towns

Since this past week, I have been noticing so many wonderful things about our small town. Not only does it have a quaint and cozy atmosphere where neighbors wave as they pass each other while driving to and from places but it has at… Continue Reading “For The Love Of Small Towns”

Last Week Was National Kindness Day ♥️ It Was Also Red Cardigan Day…If Ever There Was A Time…

If ever there was a time…it is now to…say a kind word, give a helping hand, show gratitude to another for the impact they have had on you, build community one act at a time. There are so many ways to show kindness to… Continue Reading “Last Week Was National Kindness Day ♥️ It Was Also Red Cardigan Day…If Ever There Was A Time…”

For A Reason, For A Season

They say…that friends come into our lives for a season and for a reason. I know this sounds cliche’ but this is one of life’s true and universal statements. It’s also true that many people come into our lives for a purpose. Maybe it’s… Continue Reading “For A Reason, For A Season”

The Stories In Our Town

There is this woman who works the farm and ranch right across from our city hall. I have seen this woman out multiple times over the few years that we have lived here working her land and I have often wondered about the life… Continue Reading “The Stories In Our Town”

I Accept

Photo credit: pexels.com I have finally reached the point of ACCEPTANCE. Acceptance of the way things are that I have no control over. Acceptance of health I have or don’t have, acceptance that, if I don’t accept things and start preserving my health, I… Continue Reading “I Accept”