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The Day Off

Photo credit goes to my daughter I recently heard a speaker talk about the importance of taking a day off. As he spoke, I thought, hey, I’m all in! I am one of those people that consistently thinks about what to do next, you…

Sunset On The Water Tonight

A beautiful and colorful night on the water While talking with a neighbor at the lake tonight he said they are getting ready to open the dam between the two lakes with Memorial Day weekend approaching. That means we get more water and those…

The Family Connection

This past Saturday, we were blessed by 23 people who drove in from all over this state with the closest being 40 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes away and the farthest being 4 and 5 hours away to join us for a…

The Table and our Country Life

nting and enjoying being hospitable to others seems to be a common trait in our family. And, for us, we wanted it to be all about Hygge. I’m not sure why it’s a common trait but I think it’s probably because of the fond memories we have of our growing up years. We had huge backyard get togethers’ and in the summer months when the evenings were still cool there would be a well built bonfire that lasted for hours with many people gathered around it.

Life is short…Have More FAMILY DINNERS

The greatest gift you can give another is your time, your love, your care and concern<3