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Summer At The Lake

Today I will start out with the lessons learned part of my blog instead of ending with it😎 Lessons learned: slow down, seek patience, seek out the solitude, seek out beauty, a new adventure, or a fresh start. The stress will always be there… Continue Reading “Summer At The Lake”

My Owl Is Back…the Joys of Country and Lake Life

I took this picture of him through my blinds as not to disturb his perching


TIME, that’s my word for this year…2020. Last year I chose JOY as my word and it made all the difference in my life. My reasoning for choosing the word TIME as my word to live by is that TIME is all encompassing. I… Continue Reading “TIME…”

For The Love Of Small Towns

Since this past week, I have been noticing so many wonderful things about our small town. Not only does it have a quaint and cozy atmosphere where neighbors wave as they pass each other while driving to and from places but it has at… Continue Reading “For The Love Of Small Towns”

The Day Off

Photo credit goes to my daughter I recently heard a speaker talk about the importance of taking a day off. As he spoke, I thought, hey, I’m all in! I am one of those people that consistently thinks about what to do next, you… Continue Reading “The Day Off”

Last Week Was National Kindness Day ♥️ It Was Also Red Cardigan Day…If Ever There Was A Time…

If ever there was a time…it is now to…say a kind word, give a helping hand, show gratitude to another for the impact they have had on you, build community one act at a time. There are so many ways to show kindness to… Continue Reading “Last Week Was National Kindness Day ♥️ It Was Also Red Cardigan Day…If Ever There Was A Time…”

The Triangle In The Sky

On Saturday night in our little town in one of the little neighborhoods on the Peninsula, we celebrated Halloween. It’s a really big event for our little town of 3,800 people. We start celebrating on the Saturday before Halloween with a festival in the… Continue Reading “The Triangle In The Sky”

Take My Hand

The healing value of hands… When my children were little, I would tell them to hold my hand. I did that primarily when we were crossing a street, in a busy place and I wanted to keep them nearby, and when I wanted to… Continue Reading “Take My Hand”

For A Reason, For A Season

They say…that friends come into our lives for a season and for a reason. I know this sounds cliche’ but this is one of life’s true and universal statements. It’s also true that many people come into our lives for a purpose. Maybe it’s… Continue Reading “For A Reason, For A Season”

The Stories In Our Town

There is this woman who works the farm and ranch right across from our city hall. I have seen this woman out multiple times over the few years that we have lived here working her land and I have often wondered about the life… Continue Reading “The Stories In Our Town”