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Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life ~Bertrand Auerbach~

Whenever I find myself in need of peace, I do two things…find some music that reaches my soul and spend time absorbing all
things beautiful in nature.

The Colors In Our World

This is the painted bunting bird. We have the pleasure to see one of these birds in our yard almost on a daily basis. The bright skies, beautiful and colorful songbirds, the colors of the seasons, the many hues that we see when we…

‘Just Do It’…Better yet…just do what you can….that’s what matters♥️

I posted a quote yesterday and it’s the same picture you see here today. I did it as a precursor to this post. Living this life I am living, with the temporary limits I have, can sometimes be draining and I know many others…

Bumps and Roadblocks of Life

Our driver today reminded me that life has a way of throwing us bumps and roadblocks. And, it is in the way that we respond to them that determines the outcome of our existence. He was from Sierra Leone and we had an insightful…

And, so it is… .a time to live, a time to hope, and a time for resilience

Most prevalent in my thoughts tonight is that Fall is in the air. In Texas, apple cider and pumpkins are showing up in the grocery stores and the sun is setting earlier now.  While Fall may be a date on the calendar, it doesn’t…

Saying Goodbye-the hard reality of life…sometimes it takes a really long time to be ‘okay’ enough to say it….

Did you see her?, did you hear her, why did you say goodnight, fall to the ground, never to wake again? A long life lived but yet short for those of us left behind….was she waiting for you with open arms and was Alex there…

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